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Casa Acuña receives the “Q” for Quality in 2023

Casa Acuña Restaurant receives the Q for Quality seal in 2023. Casa Acuña is the most emblematic restaurant on the island of Ons, founded in 1945 by the Acuña family, whose third generation continues to manage the restaurant today. It is also the first and only restaurant on the island to obtain the “Q” seal of quality awarded by the ICTE, the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality, a body under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Casa Acuña in 1945, a “social” meeting place for islanders and fishermen   Casa Acuña:the result of an effort made throughout...

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NEW promotion: parents, to Ons FREE on March 18

WE RAISE OUR PROPOSAL! WE IMPROVED THE PROMO! Due to the great reception that our Father’s Day promotion is having, we increase the offer with a promotion to Isla de Ons, of course also free, for fathers, and without raffles. In this case, the trip to Ons will take place as an appetizer to Father’s Day, next Saturday, March 18. Father’s Day honors fathers on March 19, at least in most countries around the world. It is St. Joseph’s Day according to Catholicism. In Islamic countries, this day corresponds to the 13th of Rajab, as is the case in our neighbors Morocco...

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Eating at Casa Acuña (Ons Island) – Nabia Naviera

Casa Acuña was founded in 1945 by Jesús Acuña, an island head farmer. It has always been a meeting place for all sailors, and thanks to the pairing of Jesús (with the nets) and his wife Rosa (in the kitchen) it has become the best restaurant on the island of Ons. Rosa Acuña -a cook expert in all kinds of caldeiradas- has passed the baton to her daughter Palmira, who has already won several awards: the first prize in octopus preparation at the gastronomic festival in Bueu, or the honorary award of best pulpeira of Galicia after winning the III Pulpeiras Contest held during the Gastronomic...

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Weddings, farewell parties and other events

Anything that can be accommodated on board a ship, we make it happen. In Pirates of Nabia we have experience in holding events during a voyage. We would be delighted to hear from you and organize everything from conventions, congresses and meetings, to weddings, communions and baptisms, or birthdays, lunches, cocktail parties and dinners. Finally, within our group of companies ( Grupo Acuña) we have restaurants and accommodation on the island of Ons. You can combine everything in order to have an extraordinary experience. + info: 986 320 048 –

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