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Casa Acuña receives the “Q” for Quality in 2023

Casa Acuña Restaurant receives the Q for Quality seal in 2023.
Casa Acuña is the most emblematic restaurant on the island of Ons, founded in 1945 by the Acuña family, whose third generation continues to manage the restaurant today. It is also the first and only restaurant on the island to obtain the “Q” seal of quality awarded by the ICTE, the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality, a body under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Image of Casa Acuña, opened in 1945
Casa Acuña in 1945, a “social” meeting place for islanders and fishermen


Casa Acuña:the result of an effort made throughout the year 2022 to meet the demanding requirements of the ICTE.

Casa Acuña was created in the 40’s as a restaurant that served the island and the sailors who fished along the coasts of the Ría de Pontevedra. It soon became the social and gastronomic center of the island of Ons.

The fact of being a family business where the product and the elaborations have always been treated with care, has allowed to keep the spirit of the traditional island cuisine intact until today, now updated but without betraying the essence.

Casa Acuña, dining room
Dining room of Casa Acuña, with updated furniture and decoration.

Casa Acuña, Q of Quality in Fitur 2023

The Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE) is the body in charge of certifying compliance with the requirements necessary to obtain and renew the “Q” seal of Tourism Quality year after year.

The Q of Quality for Casa Acuña has been the result of an extraordinary effort made during the year 2022 in the renovation of the facilities, kitchen equipment, sanitation and decoration of the interior of the premises, as well as the efforts of the personnel of Grupo Acuña to achieve the certification.

The Q for Quality certification was awarded by the ICTE to the manager of Casa Acuña, Susi Acuña, during the recent celebration of the Fitur Fair, last January 2023.

Along with the restaurant Casa Acuña, the restaurant La Isla Lunch & Bar obtained its “Q” and Nabeira Vigo and Naveira Cangas, all of them belonging to the Acuña Ons Group, also maintain their “Q” quality certification.


Casa Acuña, in Isla de Ons, a unique restaurant in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

The island of Ons has certain peculiarities that make it very special compared to the rest of the islands of the National Park and other coastal towns in Galicia. Ons is an inhabited island, especially in spring and summer, which brings the visitor closer to an island lifestyle that is very particular in the Atlantic and difficult to observe anywhere else but Ons.

In the case of Casa Acuña, the fact of being located on an island that is also a National Park, is an added challenge that must be valued in all its dimensions. Being a restaurant that offers a seasonal service, being able to have an adequate staff, at the height of the premises and the customer’s expectations is a challenge in itself.

It is also important to know that all the supplies for the restaurant arrive at Casa Acuña from land by ship, which obviously makes the supplies more expensive and makes it difficult to replenish them quickly. Fortunately, Casa Acuña is supplied by the market and fish markets of Bueu, which allows it to have local products with assured quality.


Also accommodations

Casa Acuña also has accommodations where you can enjoy a quiet stay and understand the island life in all its dimensions. The accommodations have been gradually remodeled and today offer a high degree of comfort.

However, you must keep in mind that we are on an island and the power supply does not cover all the hours of the night, so it is possible that the TV in your room will turn off before the end of the series. All the more reason to go for a walk and enjoy the island’s nightlife.

You can see the accommodations on this website.

Letter from Casa Acuña
Casa Acuña’s menu is a declaration of intentions, tradition and quality in authentic island food.

Better to book before traveling

At Casa Acuña they like to serve their customers as they deserve. Whenever possible we will make a place for any visitor to Ons Island. But for a better organization of the service, it is better to book in advance. You can make reservations by calling 986 433 530.


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