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School groups

Naviera Nabia offers various proposals throughout the school year and for all ages. We can visit the 4 archipelagos of the Atlantic Islands National Park, learn about the mussel cultivation process, see first hand how a boat works or visit the small island of San Simon. As a novelty, we include the possibility of visiting Tambo Island, an unknown island, where the permit to visit it is administered by the Escuela Militar de Marín. We will provide you with all the steps to make this management much easier.

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Weddings, farewell parties and other events

Anything that can be accommodated on board a ship, we make it happen. In Pirates of Nabia we have experience in holding events during a voyage. We would be delighted to hear from you and organize everything from conventions, congresses and meetings, to weddings, communions and baptisms, or birthdays, lunches, cocktail parties and dinners. Finally, within our group of companies ( Grupo Acuña) we have restaurants and accommodation on the island of Ons. You can combine everything in order to have an extraordinary experience. + info: 986 320 048 –

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Boat events and activities for companies

In Piratas de Nabia we also have a wide range of activities for companies. The estuaries of Vigo and Pontevedra are the ideal scenario for the celebration of boat events, whether festive or business. Trips along the estuary, meetings, conventions, events, incentive trips, convivial gatherings or company dinners, all aboard one of our modern catamarans or in the islands’ restaurants. Do you have a company and want to introduce a new product? Any of our boats is perfect to celebrate an event. We provide the catering and any service needs. + info: 986 320 048 – comercial@piratasd...

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Group Boat Trips: Associations and Collectives

In Piratas de Nabia we have a specific Commercial and Group Department for our clients. From here we offer our entire catalog of services(excursions to the islands, sea tours, gastronomic tastings, hiking tra ils and professional guides) at reduced prices, depending on the size of the group and the date chosen. Come and discover the wonders of our coast and be thrilled by its charms. In addition, you can also organize trips for groups, with all services included: restaurant (lunch or dinner on board), guided tours, a la carte tours, lodging, etc. Call us from your association, we will put together...

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