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Eating at Casa Acuña (Ons Island) – Nabia Naviera

Casa Acuña was founded in 1945 by Jesús Acuña, an island head farmer. It has always been a meeting place for all sailors, and thanks to the pairing of Jesús (with the nets) and his wife Rosa (in the kitchen) it has become the best restaurant on the island of Ons. Rosa Acuña -a cook expert in all kinds of caldeiradas- has passed the baton to her daughter Palmira, who has already won several awards: the first prize in octopus preparation at the gastronomic festival in Bueu, or the honorary award of best pulpeira of Galicia after winning the III Pulpeiras Contest held during the Gastronomic Forum of Santiago in 2012.

Octopus is the most typical dish of the island of Ons. Its sailors have excelled in the fishing of this cephalopod for two centuries, and until recently it was caught using traditional methods. It is prepared island style, that is to say, in caldeirada: octopus cooked with potatoes and covered with a sauce of oil, garlic, onion and paprika. It is also prepared á feira, accompanied by cachelos (large pieces of boiled potato), or grilled, onioned, with beans, in empanada or croquettes. That is why it is unforgivable not to come to Ons and not to go to Casa Acuña.

In addition to a good service, in Casa Acuña you will also be able to taste other typical dishes washed down with the best Galician wines. All the products are fresh, from the Rías Baixas: octopus, seafood and fish; and the cooking is homemade, with a concern for quality. A traditional island dish is prepared daily to support these observations.

Casa Acuña is open from Easter to October, and at the end of June it celebrates the Octopus Festival in Ons. It has two dining rooms with capacity for 200 people.

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