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New Starlight route with landing in Cíes Islands!

You were waiting for it! The first starlight route with landing in Cíes already has feeeeecha! On Friday, September 13, we will travel from Vigo and Cangas to the Cíes Islands, disembarking at Faro Island.

We tell you the plan

We will arrive at the island around 19:20h. You will be able to enjoy the last hours of the afternoon!

At 20:45h. We will meet at a point on the island to start the guided tour to Pedra Da Campá, do you know this location? Here you can discover more about this enclave where an accredited starlight astronomer guide will reveal all the curiosities about constellations, a unique place to enjoy the starry sky! Here we tell you more about what we will learn with this starlight activity.

At 23:00 we will return to the Rhodes beach pier to start the return trip by boat!

Don’t you just want EVERYTHING? 😀


  • Adults: 20 euros
  • Children from 0 to 3 years old: free
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 10 euros


  • Departure from Cangas: 18:00h.
  • Departure from Vigo: 18:30h.
  • Return from Cíes: 00:00h. approximately.

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