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The new route “VÍA DOS MÚRICES” on Ons Island: discover the history of the island


Following the discovery of a new route in Ons, this summer you will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of the region through the “Via dos Múrices” route of about 5.5km in length. This route offers an exciting tour that connects some of the most important archaeological and historical sites of the island.

If you do not know what the “múrice” is, we explain what it is, a crustacean now extinct in the Rías Baixas, which played a crucial role two thousand years ago. Both the Romans and the native inhabitants of Ons collected it in large quantities on the beaches of the Rías de Pontevedra. From these sea creatures, glands were extracted to produce the precious purple dye, a symbol of status and wealth in the Roman Empire.

The route reveals the vestiges of this ancient industry and information panels guide visitors in three languages as they explore the Roman factory of Canexol and the village of Castelo dos Mouros, where a mysterious treasure trove of coins was found. Throughout the tour there are QR codes that will allow each visitor to have more information about the research of the ancient occupation on the island.

After passing the beach of Canexol, to the right you can go up the road to find a Roman fort (which also includes a pre-Roman part) which allows you to better understand the history of the island of Ons and, above all, gives a better understanding of the history of the island. a better idea of how the ancient inhabitants of the island lived.. This route will allow us to know first hand the mark left by these people and the importance of the seafaring culture for many years.

The tour will conclude with a visit to the archaeological room at the island’s interpretation center, where fascinating historical artifacts are on display. Therefore, this new route on the “Via dos Múrices” will offer you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the island of Ons and appreciate its cultural and archaeological richness.

If you are interested in visiting the island of Ons, you can check the schedules and rates here here

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