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Follow the 44CUP Baiona Regatta from a boat


The 44Cup is one of the most important international regatta circuits in the world. It will take place this coming weekend in Baiona, being the first stop in Galicia in the history of this championship.

It is a circuit where all the teams will sail identical boats: the RC 44 carbon fiber sailboat. It will be an event full of true professionals from all over the world and that is why, from Naviera Nabia, we want to do our bit.

“From the sea with Pirates of Nabia you will see the 44CUP”.

A Naviera Nabia catamaran will follow the race from the sea on May 10, 11 and 12, 2024.

The boat will depart from the maritime station of Baiona at 11:00. We will accompany the boats at the start and finish line of at least two of the races. The return will be at 17:00 in the afternoon.

The price will be 18€ for adults, 10€ for children between 4-12 years old and the youngest will travel for free.

An event for regatta and photography enthusiasts

Following the 44CUP from a catamaran is a luxury for lovers of nautical photography. You won’t get better photos unless you manage to be enlisted in the crew of one of these sailboats.

You will get stunning images of the best sailboats when sailing with the Cíes Islands or the coast of the Bay of Baiona in the background.

Limited spaces available! Book here or by calling 986 320 048


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