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Cíes: the 5 things you need to know if you travel in September

Now that summer is advancing we have no doubt that going to the Cíes Islands is a good plan to enjoy a little more. Cíes in September is a great plan.

We will start to have more availability of places in the islands to get authorization and from September 15 it will no longer be necessary (the islands also maintain a capacity limit, don’t get lost!).

Whether you are planning your trip as a couple, with your family, with friends or just because you are an adventurer, the Cíes Islands are waiting for you.

So prepare your towel, your trekking shoes and charge your cell phone because you’re going to get tired of taking pictures, videos for Tik Tok and reels for Instagram.

In addition, the weather in the Cíes Islands in September is spectacular. Very hot days may come out, indicating that we are saying goodbye to summer, little rain and less influx of people. In addition, at sunset it cools down a little more, which is very welcome.

With these temperatures we are sure it is worth booking the boat, but there are 5 things you need to know before going to the Cíes Islands in September, will you stay to discover them?


Islas Cíes, también en invierno
Cíes, un paraíso en cualquier época del año

September + Cíes Islands, the perfect combination before the summer comes to an end

If you decide to travel on one of our ships to go to the Cíes Islands in September we will give you the most basic tips for everything to be perfect, so pay attention to these 5 things you need to know before going to the Cíes Islands:

  1. Booking step by step. The first thing to do is to know which day you are going to visit the Cíes Islands in order to book the boat well in advance. You must take into account the authorization, because depending on whether you spend the night or not, the reservation will be different. In one of our previous posts, we explained the differences very briefly. Until September 15, authorization is required to access the islands of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.
  2. Watch out for the exit ports! If you want to go to the Cíes Islands you have to know that the boats leave from Vigo, Cangas, Portonovo and Baiona. Don’t get confused with the ones that leave to go to Ons Island.
  3. If you are traveling by boat with children. If you are in this case you have to know two things, the first one is that, if the children are up to three years old, they travel for free. The second is that from four to twelve years old only pay 10€ for the boat. That is to say that prices will be reduced for the little ones, take advantage of a family tourism in the Cíes Islands.
  4. Enjoy our guided tours. If you really want to discover our islands, ask the guides about schedules and feel accompanied by a specialist during a tour around the island. Learn about the history, fauna, flora and ask all your curiosities. In addition, when the weather permits, we have stargazing tours with astronomer, certified starlight guide. If you happen to be traveling, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about a Starlight destination firsthand.
  5. To sleep on the island. If you want to sleep in the Cíes Islands you will have no problem, although there are no bungalows or accommodation as such, there is a campsite with everything you need, so sleeping will be an adventure.

Now that you know the 5 things you need to know before visiting the Cíes, we are waiting for you. As we said at the beginning, the islands are the perfect place for your vacation this September, because it doesn’t matter if you are thinking about family tourism, couple tourism… You can enjoy your own way!

If you have any doubts about taking the boat and coming to the Cíes Islands in September with Pirates of Nabia we can help you. You can call us at 986 320 048 or visit our website directly to make your reservation. your reservation . Which of these 5 things has helped you the most?

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