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Cíes and Ons Islands, how to obtain 2022 authorization

¿Ya sabes cómo conseguir la autorización en 2022 para visitar las Islas Cíes y la Isla de Ons?

We are already in season! With the arrival of good weather and with summer just around the corner, our boats begin to move on weekends from some of the ports of the Rias Baixas. It is time to get your authorization before visiting the Cíes and Ons Islands.

From May 15, if you want to come to the Atlantic Islands National Park to enjoy the Cíes or Ons Islands, you will have to get an authorization with your boat ticket, yes or yes. This is a very simple procedure that we will explain in this post.

Buying your ticket is very easy and we were looking forward to this moment, finally we can meet again to enjoy the most crystalline sea of the Atlantic! Now you just need to know how to get to Cíes or Ons, step by step.

Islas Cies
En esta web de Xunta de Galicia obtendrás tu código de autorización para viajar a Cíes y a Ons

Cíes Islands and Ons Islands, the trip you need this summer

The beaches of these archipelagos leave no one who visits them indifferent. From the moment you get on board with your ticket and authorization, you won’t stop enjoying yourself. When you arrive at your destination, you will understand what it is about the sand and waters that bathe the islands that can hardly be described.

This summer you have to make a note of these destinations, whether you are traveling with family or friends. It is clear that its beaches or routes are an experience, and that is what we are looking for when we plan a trip, isn’t it?

If you are not sure which of these two destinations to choose, here we leave you a post in which we try to help you decide between the Cíes or the Ons. Although our recommendation is that you discover both to see for yourself which one is better.

Authorization step by step

The easiest way, if you stay overnight and book your accommodation in the Camping Isla de Ons or the Casa Acuña Guesthouse on the Island of Ons, they will take care of your authorization (there is a separate quota for people staying overnight).

If you are a daily visitor you can access the Xunta de Galicia authorization website, choose your destination island and click on Visitors. On the next screen, you will select the date of your visit and the number of people to be authorized. Once you have accepted the conditions (box at the bottom of the page) just click on continue and fill in the personal information fields.

Cómo conseguir la autorización para viajar a Cíes y Ons
En el momento de comprar tu billete en te mostraremos el enlace para obtener la autorización de la Xunta

Once you complete your data you will have a pre-reservation code, it is provisional, so it will be valid only during the first two hours. You will have to enter it on our website when you buy the boat tickets and… done! From that moment on you should have the visit authorization in your e-mail. Keep it because you will need it to retrieve your ticket from the ship and before boarding.

You can ask us any questions you may have about your trip, in Piratas de Nabia we want to be a help and support for you to reach the Galician paradise. You can call us at 986 320 048 or make a reservation your reservation directly here . At the time of purchase, if you do not have the authorization, we will show you a link to obtain it.

Now that you know how to get the authorization to visit the Cíes Islands and Ons Island, there is only one thing left to do. Get on board! We cast off!

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