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25% discount for people with functional diversity

25% discount for people with functional diversity

In Piratas de Nabia we are firmly committed to mobility and the right to enjoy all people, so we want to remember these 25% discounts for people with functional diversity.

It is recommended that these passengers notify us of their special condition so that we can provide them with any assistance or special care they may need.

Special boarding assistance

All persons will be assisted free of charge when embarking, disembarking, transferring, on board and at the port.

Also, in order to obtain the best possible service, we recommend that users contact Nabia Shipping at least 48 hours in advance to explain what kind of assistance they may need. However, in all cases, every effort will be made to provide the required assistance.

If it is also necessary to meet special seating or assistance needs, or if the user will need to carry some type of medical equipment, he/she must inform the customer service staff at the time of booking, so that this can be taken into account and the boarding and crew personnel can be informed in due time.

At Naviera Nabia, we make every effort to ensure the comfort and safety of all our passengers. We remind you that, when planning your boat trip, it is important to take into account the limitations derived from the design and construction of the vessel, as well as port infrastructures.

How do we communicate special needs?

When making the reservation, the user should contact Nabia Shipping Company by calling 986 32 00 48 or by e-mail to inform us exactly what your needs are and how we can help you at the port of departure.

In addition to the permanent assistance service throughout the trip, a series of bonuses and discounts on fares have been established for users with functional diversity.

Discounts and bonuses at Pirates of Nabia

All trips and excursions organized by Naviera Nabia (except regular line Moaña-Vigo-Moaña) will have the following discounts for people with functional diversity and in some cases their companions will also have a discount.

  • Disability 33%: 25% discount on any available price
  • Disability equal to or greater than 65%: 25% discount, applying the same conditions for a companion.


  • Discount available on all ticket sales channels for any service and/or route.
  • It is essential, when picking up your ticket at the ticket office of the shipping company, to show the documentation that accredits you as a beneficiary of the discount.
  • Not combinable with other special rates, promotions or discounts.
  • At the time of boarding, the crew may request that the user with reduced mobility or other disability be accompanied by another person if necessary for safety reasons or due to the characteristics of the infrastructure of the ship or port.

Entry into force and duration

This offer of discounts for people with functional diversity comes into effect on April 1, 2023 and will remain in force indefinitely. The Dirección Xeral de Mobilidade de la Xunta de Galicia has been officially notified, with a copy to the Comisión Galega da Competencia.

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