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Visit the Cíes Islands in August and a few more boat plans for your vacation!

Visiting the Cíes and Ons islands: we travel every day

Are you coming to Galicia these days and want to visit the Cíes Islands? Remember that you must request prior authorization from the Xunta de Galicia. Here we explain how to request access to visit the Cíes. There are still places to travel to this paradise from Vigo, Cangas or Baiona.

And if you can’t get tickets to these islands, don’t worry! Because we have the Cíes route from the sea! We will travel to the Cíes Islands to anchor in front of its beautiful beaches and cliffs and enjoy an agape on our boat while we learn more about these islands and the history and legends that surround it.

In addition, you can travel to the island of Ons and enjoy its fine sandy beaches, its walks and routes or the best puuuulpo of Galicia. Here we tell you everything there is to see on the island of Ons, which you can reach from Bueu, Portonovo or Vigo.

Free guided tour to the island of Sálvora on Thursdays and Sundays in August.

But if there is a special island it is Sálvora, the uninhabited island. Your mermaid will welcome you on beaches of unparalleled charm and you can enjoy our FREE guided tour included with the purchase of your boat ticket.

Discover the history of St. Simon: Tuesdays and Sundays

This is also a special trip for those who are in the mood for culture and nature. Travel to this small island located in the interior of the Vigo estuary and discover its past: concentration camp, pirate sackings… we have a lot to tell you and it also includes a free tour with our specialized guide.

Gastronomy on board

In August, we have new gastronomic routes so that a walk along the Vigo estuary becomes an experience for all the senses:

  • Mussel Route: every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13:00h.
  • Octopus Route: every Thursday at 12:15h.
  • Seafood Route: every Thursday at 20:15h.

Here you have all the information about the gastronomic routes.

An evening at sea

On the Perseids Route along the Vigo estuary on the night of August 12 you will enjoy the spectacle of the Tears of San Lorenzo, with departures from Vigo, Cangas and Baiona. In addition, on the A Noite das Meigas route you will learn about legends and spells and enjoy a delicious dinner on board on August 16. Here all the information about our night routes.

Baiona by sea and land

Two very cool routes to discover Baiona:

Vigo estuary from coast to coast:

On our boat trip along the Vigo estuary, you will get to know the estuary from coast to coast, approaching the Cíes and disembarking in Baiona to get to know this fishing village and have lunch there. We return in the afternoon to Vigo and Cangas. Here you have more information about this route.

Walk along the bay of Baiona:

You will enjoy the views of the coast of Baiona and its small fishing villages and we will approach the Estelas Islands and Monteferro, with mussel tasting included in the ticket price!

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