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Tribute to Domingo Villar at El Último Barco

Piratas de Nabia performs a “last ship tribute” to Domingo Villar, recently deceased.

“The ferry that communicated the ports of Vigo and Moaña was a white catamaran of about twenty meters in length that was attached to the ship leaving a trail of bubbles in the sea. A blue stripe, wider at the bow than at the stern, decorated the sides of the vessel. It could accommodate seventy passengers in the interior cabin and thirty more in the open air, on the benches located behind the wheelhouse, on the upper deck. The name of the ship was written in block letters: Pirata de Ons“.

So begins page 110 of “O Último Barco”, by Domingo Villar, published by Editorial Galaxia in 2019. The author turned our ship of the regular line Vigo Moaña into another character of his novel. Therefore, in Pirates of Nabia we wanted to pay tribute to our illustrious passenger. The date for the Tribute on the last ship will be Saturday, May 28.

Portada del libro O Último Barco, publicado por Editorial Galaxia

In this work, as always, Domingo created a plot that engages from the beginning. And as in “A Praia Dos Afogados” and “Ollos de Auga” he develops the plots in his vital scenario: from the beaches and the fish market of Panxón to Monteferro, Patos, the Taberna Eligio, the School of Arts and Crafts, the “vapor” line Moaña-Vigo or the parish of Tirán, in Moaña.

In Piratas de Nabia we believe that some of the characters that appear in the novel, such as the skipper or the sailor “with character” are inspired by some of our companions. But, as in any work of fiction, reality and invention are part of the author’s freedom.

A simple tribute to Domingo Villar

In Piratas de Nabia we wanted to pay tribute to Domingo Villar, one of our most illustrious passengers.

In the words of Susi Otero Acuña, manager of Piratas de Nabia: “We owe a debt of gratitude to Domingo Villar, who traveled and was inspired by our regular line boat, but above all, who made us enjoy adventures in which we all recognized nearby corners and places, made us see the wonder of everyday scenarios and better appreciate everyday experiences, our wonderful Ría, everything we have within our reach and sometimes do not value.”

Domingo Villar en el barco de Nabia
Domingo Villar en la travesía de la Ría de Vigo a Moaña. Fotografía de RICARDO GROBAS para Faro de Vigo

El último barco de la línea regular Vigo Moaña tendrá a disposición del público un “micro abierto”. Servirá para que todas las personas que lo deseen lean un fragmento, un párrafo o una página, de una de las obras de Domingo Villar.

Editorial Galaxia will participate in the “Tribute on the Last Ship”.

The sudden and unexpected disappearance of Domingo Villar, at a very young age, leaves thousands of readers orphaned by the adventures of Leo Caldas. These are terribly painful moments for family and friends.

Francisco Castro, Director of Galaxia, will also be present at the tribute to Domingo.

Editorial Galaxia published in Galician the three novels of commissioner Leo Caldas, the main character in Domingo Villar’s work and from now on, in the collective imagination of his thousands of readers around the world (his work, written in Galician, has been translated into languages such as Russian, Bulgarian and Italian) and the collection of short stories “Algúns contos completos”, illustrated by Carlos Baonza.


Escuela Municipal de Artes y Oficios de Vigo, EMAO

The EMAO will also participate in this tribute. Like “O último barco”, the Vigo school on Avenida García Barbón is a main setting in the novel.

Xaime Rivas, Mestre de Zanfona, who also appears in the “acknowledgements” of Domingo’s novel, will accompany the tribute by performing different musical pieces on the boat to Moaña.

You can check here the timetables of the regular line Moaña-Vigo-Moaña.

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