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Tourist boat in the Ría de Vigo, new for the 2023 season

The Ría de Vigo Tourist Boat will be launched this Wednesday. Its goal: to offer tourists, visitors, friends and residents a boat tour on the Ria on a par with boat trips on the Douro in Porto, the Seine in Paris or the Thames in London.


The Tourist Boat, a circular route to get to know Vigo and its surroundings from the sea

The tourist boat is a demand we have been receiving from visitors to the city. Not all travelers can dedicate a full day to Cíes or Ons, and sometimes the places are sold out, especially in dates of high influx of tourists such as summer or holiday bridges.

However, we can not leave the people who visit us wanting to know the city and the estuary from the sea and with it the history of this environment.

tourist boat in the Vigo estuary
The Rande Bridge from the helm of a Pirates of Nabia catamaran.

Tourist Boat Route

The panoramic route from the sea will allow you to discover the traditions, history, industry and villages of the Ría de Vigo.

In addition, you will learn about the importance of its fishing and naval industry. Always with the Cíes Islands on the horizon we will discover the skyline of Vigo and the fishing villages of Cangas, Moaña. Canneries, whalers and shipyards. We will sail among the rafts and pass under theRande Bridge, where the Battle of Rande took place.


What can we see in the Tourist Bacchus Route?

The tourist boat departs from the ports of Moaña and Vigo. The exits from Moaña facilitate access from any point north of the Vigo estuary, allowing easy access by highway, expressway or road and parking at the port without having to enter the city of Vigo.

The navigation in the estuary will be done off the coast of Vigo, enjoying its skyline, from the fishing port, with the historic fishing district of Berbés and the Old Town of Vigo growing up to the hill of the castro. Continuing along the coast we can contemplate the Lonja de Vigo (the most important fishing port in Europe), the refrigerated buildings of industrial and canning Vigo, the large shipyards still thriving and the Free Trade Zone as an export pole of the important Vigo automobile industry.

We will sail with the silhouette of the Cíes Islands in the background to turn towards the coast of Morrazo, with Cabo Home or Punta Balea at zoom range, discovering the villages and fishing districts of the Morrazo peninsula from the sea: Cangas, Moaña, Meira, Domaio, where there was an important whaling industry, and others linked to the sea such as salting, canneries or shipbuilding, which continue an important activity today.

Tourist boat, panoramic tour in the Vigo Estuary

Navigating between rafts we will arrive at the Rande Bridge with its spectacular silhouette at the height of other iconic bridges such as those of San Francisco or Lisbon.

The return to port will be made contemplating the coastal districts of Chapela and Teis where also continues an important activity of fishing transformation and naval construction and repair.

We will admire the mountain of A Guía with the second oldest lighthouse on the coast of Galicia and the hermitage of the Virgin of A Guía on top of this spectacular mountain. The Guixar goods dock with its impressive cranes, including one of the tallest in Europe, will be one of the last visual spectacles of this magical tour of the Vigo estuary.

The tourist boat of the Vigo estuary is a tour designed for tourists but ideal for every Viguean to do it at least once. To book, go to online ticket reservation.


When to enjoy the Tourist Boat?

The Tourist Boat sails on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Departures will be made from the ports of Vigo and Moaña.

Departures will be at 16:00 hours from the port of Moaña and at 16:30 hours from the Port of Vigo.

The total duration of the panoramic tour of the Vigo estuary is approximately 90 minutes.

Price of the tour: 15€ Adults, 10€ children from 4 to 12 years old, FREE for children under 4 years old.


How to buy tickets for the Tourist Boat?

Online through the Pirates of Nabia website, or if you prefer, use this direct link to online tickets.

By telephone at the Piratas de Nabia shipping company telephone number 986 32 00 48.

At the Estación Marítima de Ría located in the Port of Vigo, at the Naviera Nabia counters.

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