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Thanks to all our customers and friends!

Piratas de NABIA is growing together with other companies of GRUPO ACUÑA ONS.

Naviera Nabia is a company belonging to GRUPO ACUÑA ONS that has been dedicated to the maritime transport of passengers since 1998. At the beginning, its fleet was only a striking 18-seater yacht, today it already has a fleet of nine vessels, some of them capable of transporting 250 passengers.

In that year it operated only trips to the ONS ISLAND, destination and birthplace of the Group’s Manager, María Jesús Otero Acuña. There you will find the CASA ACUÑA RESTAURANT and ACCOMMODATION, founded in 1945 by his grandparents, and in whose honor the business group takes its name.

Although the island still took many years to be declared a National Park (together with the CÍES ISLANDS, SÁLVORA and CORTEGADA, they constitute since 2002 the NATIONAL PARK OF THE ATLANTIC ISLANDS OF GALICIA). It was already visited for its charm, nature, beaches and of course, for its island gastronomy. This business vision led this establishment to expand its offer with a small guesthouse with several rooms, allowing the accommodation of the many visitors who came to the island.

In 2016, this accommodation offer was extended thanks to the opening of the
the first SELF-SUSTAINABLE CAMPING in Galicia , which highlights its Glamping tents that merge the connection with nature of traditional camping with the comfort of a hotel room.

This project, which is constantly growing, has allowed the company to SUSIACUÑA, S.L., part of the holding company SUSIACUÑA, S.L., integrated in the holding company ACUÑA ONS GROUPThe company was acquiring new hotel and catering establishments, located in the main ports of the region. Vigo estuary like NABEIRA VIGO located next to the Estación Marítima de Ría in the port of Vigo, NABEIRA CANGAS in the Cangas Maritime Station and GASTROBAR LA ISLAlocated on the seafront, right next to Rodeira beach, in Cangas.

As it could not be otherwise, and in order to enhance the value of a product so closely related to the ONS ISLAND as is the octopus, is born ONS OCTOPUSa pioneer company in the distribution of this mollusk caught in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to any point in Spain. NATIONAL PARK OF THE ATLANTIC ISLANDS OF GALICIAby the inshore fleet of the Cofradía de Pescadores de Bueu. They use the nasa fishing gear, an environmentally friendly method; it is presented clean, gutted and bagged one by one by hand, thus preserving all the properties of this magnificent product, allowing you to enjoy this delicacy in your home at any time of the year.

For those who are eager to get to know and enjoy all that the paradise of the RÍAS BAIXAS or other national or international destinations and who, in addition, do not want to waste time organizing the trip; we put at your disposal our VIOVIAJES TRAVEL AGENCYwith more than twenty years of experience, who will provide you with everything you need to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, thanks to the great professionalism of this great team of travel agents.

And as we do not stop growing thanks to you, this past December was inaugurated in the facilities of the Ría de Vigo Maritime Stationa supermarket with the most modern facilities and top quality products, ACUÑA MARKETThe franchise of a prestigious Galician brand, which arrives to provide service to both residents and tourists.

But undoubtedly, what makes us most proud and encourages us to continue working, is the satisfaction of direct customer service, which will make us continue our long journey into the future, growing in ships, new routes and destinations, improving facilities and taking care of every detail of our accommodations, creating new and elaborate menus in any of our catering establishments.

This is the purpose of GRUPO ACUÑA ONS and all its team; we want to thank you all for your trust, CUSTOMERS and FRIENDS, predicting a favorable wind with a horizon of new experiences together.

At GRUPO ACUÑA ONSwe sell illusion, adventures, dreams, unique experiences, emotions with no expiration date“.

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