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Starlight Route, an astronomical observatory in the sea

The Starlight Route experience kicked off on Saturday 30 in the 2022 season. Since 2014 Pirates of Nabia offers a unique experience, the observation of the night sky from the sea. To do this we moved away from the light pollution of the cities by boat, so we have our astronomical observatory at sea.

Starlight routes: what is an astronomical observatory at sea like?

The Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia is certified with the “Starlight Tourist Destination” seal because the Starlight Foundation has evaluated and recognized it as an unbeatable place for its conditions for observing the night sky, both from land and from the sea.

The first Piratas de Nabia Starlight route departed from the ports of Vigo and Cangas, sailing from dusk towards the waters of the National Park. This experience includes a guide and a certified astronomer to observe the sky. First, the guide presents the environment of the Cíes Islands while the astronomer, after dark, comments and shows the stars and constellations to which they belong.

Starlight Route
Starlight Route in the vicinity of the Rande Bridge

Four planets aligned almost perfectly.

Did you know that from the middle of the month, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter can be seen lined up almost perfectly in the sky before dawn? This spectacular planetary alignment will begin on April 17, but will be most visible especially on the morning of April 20.

The experience of a Starlight route does not last all night but it does allow you to enjoy an astronomical observatory from the sea. It is also a different way to enjoy the Cíes Islands and the sunset in the Vigo estuary with night navigation.


With a qualified astronomer

The Starlight route is done with a guide from the National Park (when there is a landing on the island) and accompanied by a qualified astronomer who will be in charge of making the travelers discover the constellations and stars in our firmament.

The stars and constellations are made of Science, History, Mythology, and all this is what this experience is about, which delights everyone from the excursion with night navigation to the possibility of contemplating the islands at sunset and even making a night landing on land.

In addition, the astronomer uses a powerful pointer to point out those constellations and stars that he is commenting on, which makes it very easy for participants to follow the explanations and observe, perhaps as never before, the starry night sky.


Starlight Route in summer

This year, on the night of July 29-30, we will have the chance to observe the Delta Aquarids, a very special “star shower”, since its peak will be two days after the new moon (the new moon will take place on July 28). The maximum of the delta Aquarid shower is expected on the night of July 29-30.

For that special date we have prepared a stargazing from the island of Sálvora, with departures from A Pobra do Caramiñal and from Bueu. Sálvora Island, like the rest of the islands of the National Park, has been declared a Starlight Destination because it is a place with very good conditions for stargazing, as it lacks light pollution.

This activity of Pirates of Nabia is gaining more and more followers every year as an original and different alternative to live an exciting maritime excursion.


During the summer there will be new Starlight route experiences, especially the last weekend of July to observe the Delta Aquarids, a very interesting star shower this year 2022.

To do this activity you only need to
booking through
or telephone 986 32 00 48. Places are limited in order to enjoy this night adventure to the fullest. We are recognized by the Starlight Foundation! We set sail!

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