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Starlight Cíes, a destination for stargazing

Starlight Cíes, what do we mean?

The clean sky of the Cíes Islands, thanks to its low light pollution, made that in 2016, the Starlight Foundation, certified the Cíes as a starlighttourist destination to see the stars along with the other islands of the Park, Ons Island, Sálvora and Cortegada.

Thanks to the protection and responsible tourism, this starlight certification was achieved, which today becomes a great tourist attraction if you visit the island. But this is not all,

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¿Qué es un destino Starlight?

Starlight Destinations are places with optimal conditions for stargazing. They must be accredited by the Starlight Foundation, which certifies that they have excellent qualities for star gazing.

Fundamentally, it is necessary that these areas, in this case the islands of the National Park, be free of light pollution. An island in the ocean as Cíes or Ons is a good place, no doubt, to enjoy a starry sky without light disturbance, even if we are close to the city of Vigo.

The 1st International Starlight Conference (April 2007) established the principles of the “Declaration on the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight”, also called the “Declaration of La Palma”.


Ruta Starlight Cíes
Embarque de ruta Starlight para las observación de estrellas en el Parque Nacional

Cíes starlight routes, for astronomy fans

Every year many visitors come to the Cíes Islands to see the stars, and in addition, throughout the summer there are guided astronomical observations by boat. Pirates of Nabia offers throughout some of the weekends of the summer the experience of enjoying guided astronomical observations to live the full starlight experience .

Weather permitting, of course.

Discover the stars that illuminate the Cíes Islands every night is part of the charm of visiting the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galiciasince our islands are one of the best places to see the night sky and the night experience is unforgettable.

In our post about observing the starry sky of the Cíes Islands we have discussed some tips for stargazing so do not forget to review them. The Cíes Islands are paradise, but it adds an extra value if we take into account that it is a destination with starlight recognition.

The magical sky of our Park fulfills this incredible privilege in the summer months. When the weather permits, the activities are unique and we are already looking forward to repeating them. You too?

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