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Starlight, A Noite das Meigas, Perseids… enjoy night sailing this summer!

There are soooo many boat plans that we have prepared for the summer nights. Take a look and choose your plan to live a unique night!

Starlight Route

When: August 3 and 24

We will travel to the Cíes Islands where we will anchor our boat to enjoy the best view of the sky possible. In addition, we will serve hot drinks during a route in which you will learn how to watch a sunset safely and the basics of orienteering under the stars.

Schedules: departures from the ports of Cangas (22:00h.), Vigo (22:30h.) and Baiona (22:30h.), the return will be at 00:30 h.

Starlight Route Tears of San Lorenzo

When: August 12

We will travel from Vigo, Cangas and Baiona to enjoy the great annual spectacle offered by the Perseids, with an official guide who will help us to identify constellations. You can make your wishes to the shooting stars that will be with us that night! 🙂

Timetables: departures from Cangas (22:00h.), Vigo (22:30h.) and Baiona (22:30h.) with return at 00:30h.

A Noite das Meigas

When: August 16

We programmed a very special route to learn about the legends about the meigas in Galicia, and their rituals and witchcraft conjuuuuuurs. The boat evening will include catering of typical Galician products and entertainment.

Timetables: departures from Vigo (22:15h.) and Cangas (22:35h.) with return at 00:45h.

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