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Sleeping on the island of Ons: camping, rooms and apartments

Sleeping on the island of Ons is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can live if you come to visit the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. Spending the night watching the starry sky, both when sleeping in Ons Island and Cies Islands, is an unforgettable experience, due to the privileged enclave in which these islands are located and their natural environment. Do you want to know all the information about the island of Ons? Keep reading this article of our blog and learn about all the attractions that can offer you to spend a few days and nights visiting it.

Ons: natural environment and regulations on the island

Overnight stay on the island of Ons

Ons Island is the main island of the so-called Ons Archipelago, which also includes Onza Island and other small islets. Located at the entrance of the Ría de Pontevedra, 4 km from mainland Spain, it is also part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, along with the Cíes Islands, the island of Sálvora and the island of Cortegada.

With 5.9 km wide by 1.3 km long, the maritime-terrestrial ecosystem of the Island of Ons is under the protection of the Park for its great natural wealth, whose main values are to host an important colony of seabirds and offer seabed of an incredible biodiversity.

This means that, in this natural environment , the regulations of the National Park are oriented towards the care of the island’s ecosystem and its sustainable development. Thus, as in the case of the Cíes Islands, on the island of Ons, the
island of Ons
island, a series of measures are also established that cover the actions of both authorities and visitors to ensure that the island is protected against any possible environmental aggression.

Some of the basic rules of conduct that we must remember in our trips to Ons, are to avoid:

  • Lighting fires, bonfires or similar.
  • Throwing or depositing waste or garbage outside of the designated areas.
  • Camping outside of the sites designated for this purpose.
  • Accessing sectors and areas marked as “non-accessible”.
  • To seize, molest, harm or kill animals.
  • Tearing, cutting or deteriorating the flora of the island.
  • Carrying out any action that destroys, spoils or alters the unique natural elements.
  • Disturb or destroy elements of historical, archaeological or geological interest, both marine and terrestrial.
  • Diving without prior permission or authorization.overnight stay on the island of Ons
  • Spearfishing and sport fishing.
  • Carrying weapons such as spear guns, harpoons or other similar weapons.
  • Navigate and moor or berth boats, unless authorized.
  • Placing banners or advertising as well as videotaping or taking photographs for commercial purposes without permission.
  • Using loudspeakers or megaphones that disturb the tranquility.
  • Disembark domestic animals (except for guide dogs) or bring in allochthonous animal and/or plant species.
  • Disembark motor vehicles (except handicapped chairs).

Park regulations: Reserves

If you want to sleep on the island of Ons on your next vacation, here you have all the information you need to book your tickets. Currently, you can make your trip to the island of Ons in high season(Easter, June, July, August, September, October and November) aboard a private boat (for which an anchoring permit is required) or a shipping company. From Naviera Nabia (Grupo Acuña) we offer you this service with departures from Bueu and Portonovo.

Also, since 2018, a maximum daily quota of up to 1,300 visitors to the island is established. Therefore, to visit the island of Ons, before purchasing the tickets, it is necessary to process the corresponding authorization for the trip through the website enabled for this purpose by the Xunta de Galicia:

In the case of travelers who plan to spend the night at the campsite, Camping Isla de Ons itself will manage the corresponding authorization, thus facilitating the booking process.


Lodging in Ons Island, Galicia: Camping, rooms and apartments

Accommodation on the island of Ons

On the island of Ons we can find a wide range of services to spend the night on the island: rooms, apartments and camping, the latter being the most popular and sustainable option (for being the most economical and offering all the comforts, as well as a glamping area ). Read on to discover the most recommended accommodations to sleep on the island of Ons: camping, rooms and apartments.

– Sleeping on the island of Ons: Camping Isla de Ons

Camping in Ons IslandThe Camping Isla de Ons is undoubtedly the most ecofriendly option and the one with the most contact with nature when it comes to deciding to sleep on the island of Ons, since, in addition to offering visitors its more than 8,000 square meters and a capacity for 276 campers, it is the first self-sustainable campsite in the island of Ons. Galicia. Located in the area known as Chan da Pólvora, it offers camping services, tent rental, hot showers, cafeteria, electricity, laundry, sinks, playground and video surveillance, among others.

Among some of the surprises hidden in the Camping Isla de Ons, are its electrical energy, which is produced by a photovoltaic solar installation, and its streetlights with LED lights and presence detectors, which minimize energy consumption and light pollution. On the other hand, the campsite also takes care of its water costs, reusing the water from the taps and showers (which are also timed and low flow) for the cisterns of the bathrooms. In addition, a solar panel installation heats water from 2 wells and a cistern (with a storage capacity of 27,000 m3), which in turn uses rainwater.

Camping Isla de Ons also has the first glamping camping area in Galicia, with a capacity of 20 glamping tents for 2, 4 or 6 people, fully equipped.

In addition, as if all the above were not enough, another of the added values of Camping Isla de Ons is that it boasts of having obtained the EMAS seal, the “most prestigious” accreditation in environmental management in the EU.

– Casa Acuña: Rooms on the island of Ons

If you are looking for a more traditional option to spend Sleeping in Ons Island, Pension Casa Acuña is one of the best tourist options in this destination. Casa Acuña offers you the possibility of sleeping in one of its 20 double rooms with bathroom, equipped with all the comforts, during your stay on the island.

To make your reservation, you can write to reservas[@] or call (+34) 986 441 678, where you can check the trip rates, offers and room prices .

– Apartments on the island of Ons: with the greatest comfort

Apartments in Ons IslandAlso, if you prefer a more familiar option to sleep on the island of Ons, we recommend the experience of renting one of the cottages or apartments on the island, where you can enjoy all the luxuries and comforts.

Pension Casa Acuña has 6 apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and green area, perfect for 2, 4 people or more. These houses can be rented for days, weeks or even a full month so that you can enjoy the greatest comfort during your vacation days.


Where to Eat in Ons Island

Where to eat in Ons Island

On the island, eating at home is easy if you go to one of its magnificent restaurants.

– Casa Acuña: high quality homemade cuisine

Eating at Casa Acuña is the best gastronomic experience you will discover if you come to visit Ons Island. Considered the best restaurant on the island of Ons, it is unforgivable not to visit this place on our trips to the island. Your menumade with the freshest products from the most important Rías Baixas, consists of the best traditional Galician food washed down with the best Galician wines; among its cuisine, the famous ‘Pulpo A Feira’, prepared by Palmira Acuña at the stove, owner of the restaurant and cook who holds the title of “Galician Chef of the Year”, stands pulpeira de Galicia”, since 2012, among other awards.

Bar O Pirata in Ons Island

– Bar O’ Pirata: the best views for dining

Another of the most recommended options to eat on the island of Ons is the Bar O Pirata, more oriented to offer quality daily menus and a delicious Churrasco, among many other dishes. Come and try it and enjoy the wonderful views of Ons from its terrace.


Discover more: Beaches and hiking trails on the island

Beaches and hiking trails on the island of Ons

Enjoying Ons Island is a simple task. Although it is less known than the Cíes Islands, its big sisters, it offers an equally varied and exciting range of activities for the traveler, especially if we decide to spend a few days and sleep on the island of Ons. One of the favorite and most recommended activities that you can do on your trip is to visit some of the paradisiacal beaches that the island of Ons offers. For example, Melide Beach, with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, offers a haven of peace and nature as it is the farthest from the busiest point of the island. Other beaches also stand out, such as Canexol Beach, with magnificent views of the Ría de Pontevedra and the Ría de Aldán, or Área dos Cans Beach, the most popular with tourists and the easiest to access on the island.

hiking on the island of OnsOn the other hand, besides visiting these and many other beaches, in Ons Island you can also enjoy other activities in its natural environment, such as hiking trails. The activities The hiking trails on the island of Ons consist of either guided excursions offered by the Park itself, or four self-guided hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty, covering almost the entire length of the island, or four self-guided hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty, covering almost the entire length of the island. island and that are open to all visitors: the North Route, the South Route, the Castelo de Castelo Route, and the and the Route do Faro.

North Route

The Northern Route runs along the northern part of the island, being the longest of the 4 routes, with a length of just over 8 kilometers. It usually takes about 3 hours and is classified as medium-difficulty. Along the way, we will be able to visit places with history on the island such as the Curro Neighborhood, Punta Centolo, Praia de Melide or the Ons Lighthouse, among others.

South Route

It is an interesting route as it stops at well-known places such as the Fedorentos viewpoint or the Buraco do Inferno (or Hell Hole). Two and a half hours long, it is 6.2 kilometers long and is classified as of medium difficulty.

Castello Route

The Ruta do Castelo is, on the other hand, the most popular of the hiking trails in Ons, perhaps because of its short length of only 1.1 km and duration of only 40 minutes (round trip). Throughout the walk we will have the presence of emblematic places such as the Mirador do Castelo, Praia das Dornas or the Curro neighborhood.

Lighthouse Route

Finally, the Ruta do Faro covers 4 kilometers and is classified as easy difficulty. Beginning at the Ons Island information booth, it extends through the Cucorno neighborhood to reach the island’s lighthouse, located at 128 m (128 m). altitude, from where we can contemplate magnificent views of the coast of Pontevedra.


Sleeping on the island of Ons: an adventure to be discovered

booking to sleep in Ons: camping sites, rooms and apartments

In addition to the beaches, the traditional quality gastronomy, and the routes of hiking, activities in a natural environment The island of Ons still has many more surprises in store: try diving in its waters, snorkeling, free diving or scuba diving, or explore the island by bicycle (which can be transported on our boat at no additional cost).

After this tour to Ons Island, we are sure you won’t need travel guides to sleep on Ons Island or to enjoy the best experience on your next visit. Still haven’t planned your next vacation? Book your boat to the island of Ons for this summer 2019 and… enjoy a great adventure!

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