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Orienta Cíes: travel to the Cíes Islands and enjoy an authentic orienteering activity!

If you are one of those who enjoy adventures and orienteering activities… on May 5th travel to the Cíes Islands and enjoy a very special activity with your family! Organized by Naviera Nabia, Vio Viajes and Territorio Comanche, you will have to discover the most emblematic places of the islands and overcome tests of knowledge or balance, puzzles… that will surprise you! We’ll tell you more!

What does the orientation test in Cíes consist of?

This is a family educational activity, which will be carried out in groups (each group of 2 to 5 people) to raise awareness of the Atlantic Islands National Park through an educational gymkhana in which participants will learn about the fauna and flora of this ecosystem. A monitor will hand out a map with different points of Cíes where each team will find a beacon with educational tests -each one with a different score and of different types (physical, mental, knowledge, riddles, calculations, balance tests…)- that you will have to overcome. At the end of the activity, the team with the most points will be awarded a trip to the island of Ons, including a guided tour!

Orienta Cíes Timetable

The boat to Cíes will depart from Cangas at 10:00h. and from Vigo at 10:30h. The return is scheduled for 19:30h.

Fares (including round-trip ticket + orientation activity)

  • Adults: 25€.
  • Children 0-4 years old: FREE
  • Children 4-12 years old: 15€.

You can now book your tickets to travel to Cíes and enjoy this exciting activity! ????

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