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Ons Island too, on Sunday, May 7, mothers travel for FREE!

Ons Island too! Given the great reception of our Mother’s Day promotion for free travel to the Cíes Islands we extend this exclusive #PiratasdeNabia promotion to Ons Island. Again, a very special gift for ALL mothers, whatever their family configuration. Directly, FREE of charge, without raffles.
Mother’s Day is celebrated this year on May 7, Sunday (in Spain). The Romans copied this celebration from the Greeks and called it Hilaria. It took place on March 15 at the temple of Cibeles (at that time there were no madridistas celebrating there 😉
In Norway they are very original, they celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of February. The most feminist are some “Eastern” countries, which celebrate Mother’s Day on March 8, which is also Working Women’s Day. It must be that Albanian, Romanian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Uzbek children are a lot of work. LOL.
With us, Portugal, that wonderful neighbor, Andorra, also a neighbor, and other countries a little farther away such as Angola or South Africa, celebrate Mother’s Day on the same date.
If May 7th has been a wonderful day chosen by many mothers to travel FREE to Cíes, it will also be a wonderful day for the stragglers who want to travel FREE to Ons Island.

May 7, Mother's Day, to Cíes Islands for FREE
Mother’s Day 2023 to be celebrated on May 7, 2023

May 7th, Mother’s Day, also FREE to Isla de Ons. Basis:

  • On May 7th, Mother’s Day, we will travel to Ons Island from Bueu.
  • Due to the excellent reception of the exclusive promotion of Piratas de Nabia Mother’s Day FREE, we extend the promotion to trips from Bueu to Ons Island on Mother’s Day.
  • No draws, the only requirement is that two adults (one of them the mother) and at least one child must travel.
  • As always in Pirates of Nabia, children under 4 years old also travel for FREE.
  • Reservations for tickets to Ons can be made on this website. You can also call, in case of doubt with the reservation to the telephone 986 320 048, the ticket office of Piratas de Nabia in the Maritime Station of Vigo.
  • The mechanics of the promotion are very easy:
    1. Purchase the tickets for the adult(s) and child(ren) accompanying the mother who is the beneficiary of the free ticket to Ons Island.
    2. Request a free ticket for the mother by emailing
    3. All you have to do is provide us with the name and surname of the beneficiary, her date of birth and ID number, and finally the reference number of the tickets purchased.
    4. We will issue a zero cost ticket for the mother and send it to you by email.


Schedules to visit Ons Island for FREE on Mother’s Day:

Departures from Bueu

  • Departure time 10:30 a.m.

Return from Ons

  • Departure time 17:30


  • Adults: 16€ (mother free)
  • Complete pack trip + menu at Casa Acuña: 40€.
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 10€.
  • Children under 4 years old: FREE


Mother’s Day Menu at Casa Acuña, Restaurant and Guesthouse

On the island of Ons is also one of the best restaurants in the Rías Baixas, Casa Acuña, famous for its octopus Ons style, and specializing in authentic island cuisine. It has been in the same family since the 1940s. They have been able to preserve the original spirit, modernizing the facilities in the last two years.

Casa Acuña, the best restaurant on Ons Island
Casa Acuña, the best restaurant in Ons Island, recently refurbished


To celebrate Mother’s Day, it has also prepared a special menu within the reach of all budgets:

  • Octopus á feira and seafood fideua, with dessert, coffee and drink: 25€.
  • Empana and churrasco, with dessert, coffee and drink: 20€.
  • Children’s menu, chicken with french fries and drink: 10€.

If purchased together, the adult boat with the adult menu, the price is 40€.


Limited seating, best to reserve

Ons Island belongs to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. As the Cíes Islands have a limited number of visitors, Piratas de Nabia always recommends its customers to book their tickets for Mother’s Day (and other excursions) as soon as possible, avoiding being left without a place when the park is full, as has happened during some days of Easter, the May Day holiday or this Sunday in Cíes.

You can book your tickets on this website.

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