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Ons for the 5 senses

Don’t you think that going to Ons Island by boat is a real treat for our senses? The National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia gives us some of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia, and many of them are engraved in our retina. Ons is enjoyed with all 5 senses.

The island of Ons, as well as the other islands of the Atlantic Islands National Park, is the paradise we need to know just off the coast of Galicia. Flavors, aromas, smells, textures, landscapes, are amplified to their maximum expression in Ons.

Ons is a journey for the 5 senses, when you finish reading you will agree with us.

Ons Island to awaken the senses

Taking a boat to Ons is always a good option if you want to visit incredible places to enjoy unrepeatable experiences.

Sight: The first of the senses to be satisfied when the boat arrives at Ons is sight. Whether approaching the port from Bueu or crossing from Vigo, from the moment the island begins to appear on the horizon, the scenery is fantastic. It is easy to spot arroaces, seagulls and pairs of black cormorants from the boat. The silhouette of the island is drawn, with the village and the church in the central part and the small woods and the lighthouse in the upper part. Slopes, cliffs, beaches, vegetation. There is little to add, as you get off the boat you will see incredible beaches: crystal clear water, fine white sand, and idyllic scenery that make you feel alone in the middle of paradise.If you want to treat your eyes to a sunset from one of the highest points of the island , such as the lighthouse. If you don’t sleep in Ons maybe your return boat leaves earlier, but even there you can enjoy the views forever.In the south of the island you will enjoy incredible landscapes from the Mirador de Fedorentos, with the island of Onza in the foreground and the Cíes Islands in the background in a different silhouette than usual. From the upper part of the island, at the height of the Caniveliñas Cove, we can see the cliffs and the “furnas” formed by the action of the Atlantic breaking against the coast.

Casa Acuña, sabores nuevos, sabores de siempreTaste: The Restaurant Casa Acuña and the Bar O Pirata are two places you should visit if you are going to Ons and want to enjoy traditional Galician cuisine with top quality products and local suppliers. One recommendation is to try the island-style octopus from Ons, prepared at Casa Acuña

Our taste has to taste it to know the reason why this restaurant was awarded for having the best pulpeira of Galicia.

This octopus is fished in the waters of the mouth of the Ría de Pontevedra by fishermen of the inshore fleet of Bueu. They use traditional and environmentally friendly crafts such as nasa de pulo.

Another good recommendation is the corn empanada with scallops. Watch out! Save room for dessert!

¿A qué huele el paraíso?Smell: Do you know what the sea smells like? Being on an island where there are only beaches, surrounded by nature, is an ideal place to enjoy our sense of smell. Trees, bushes, flowers, the mist that rises as the sea hits the cliffs. The flora, the sea, Ons smells of summer, of nature, of open space and pure air, far from pollution.

Ear: During the crossing, the catamaran dances on the waves, raising a wake as it brings us closer to paradise. Walking any of the marked trails on the island, the birds are a continuous concert of trills. The wind, the crashing of the waves, the flight of insects, the crawling of lizards hiding in the undergrowth. Surprising sounds that we cannot enjoy in the cities.

Touch: What characterizes any island is the sea and the sand, and here touch is where it wins. Sunbathing lying on Melide Beach, flowers and plants, fresh sunrises or the sun warming your skin: other of the thousand and one sensations that you will rediscover in Ons.

As you can see, Ons is for the 5 senses.What sense are you looking forward to wake up with the Island of Ons? If you already have it clear you have to make your reservation and the boat, you know that they leave from Vigo, Bueu and Portonovo. If you have any questions, please call us at 986 320 048. Will you join us?

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