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Illa de Ons: 6th Race Volta á Illa, Clube Corredoiras

Piratas de Nabia took on Sunday to Ons the 400 participants and as many animators and family members of the VI Carrera Volta á Illa de Ons.

The race VI Volta á Illa de Ons organized by the Club Corredoiras de Bueu took place yesterday with great success and good weather. This allowed both athletes and their companions to enjoy a fantastic day. All registration places were sold out. The event consisted of a 10-kilometer walk and the main event, the 20-kilometer Trail Volta á Illa de Ons.

Beatriz Fernández and Álvaro Prieto were the winners in their categories. Already in the first kilometers of the course they took the lead over the rest of the competitors. The demanding course in certain parts of the course forced all runners to keep up the effort. The climb to the Isla de Ons campsite was especially hard.

The beauty of the race’s scenery, in the Isla de Ons, is an added motivation to this race organized in an impeccable way by the Clube Corredoiras de Bueu. In addition, the initial threat of rain, gave way before the start of the race to good weather, clear and not particularly hot.

Menu and stays at special prices

After the race, participants, organizers and companions enjoyed a special menu at Casa Acuña, where they enjoyed a well-deserved and tasty churrasco steak and fish rice, which served to regain strength and continue the festive day.

Pirates of Nabia ships made numerous voyages to the island of Ons.
trips to the island of Ons
to bring the participants to and from the race. Clube Corredoiras de Bueu is already working on the VII edition. In Pirates of Nabia we are already starting to train!

Special menu for the day at Casa Acuña

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