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III Christmas postcard contest for schools

postcard-contestAs every year, we invite you to participate in our annual Christmas card contest for schools.
As you can see, this is the third edition, and we are delighted that each year we receive more and more postcards.
If you don’t know us, we are pioneers in this activity and in this way, participating students can win a collective prize for the whole participating class where they will enjoy a different day together with their classmates.
Don’t hesitate any longer, y…. ¡¡¡¡¡Participa!!!!!

Contest rules

The competition is open to all schools that wish to participate.
Registrations will be made by classes or groups.

This year’s theme will be about Naviera Nabia’s fleet of ships. To learn more, you have links to our social networks at the end of this email.

Registration procedure.
To register, the tutor or person in charge of each class or group must register the group. You will access the registration form by clicking on the following button:

[gdlr_core_button button-text=”FICHA DE INSCRIPCIÓN” button-link=”” button-link-target=”_blank” margin-right=”20px”]

This file has a final deadline of December 15, 2017.

How to send the postcards?

They can be made in three ways.

1º By e-mail( indicating the name of the center and the participating class (or classes), along with a telephone number.

2º By postal mail
At the following address C/Cánovas del Castillo 22, 2º (Estación Marítima de Ría) 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra) each postcard must bear the name of the school, class (or classes participating), together with a telephone number and e-mail address.

3º Delivery in person.
They can also be delivered to our Customer Service Office located in Vigo, at Cánovas del Castillo Street S/N. (Estación Marítima de Ría) 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra).

Deadline for submission: December 20, 2017.

Techniques and format
The drawing should preferably be presented in A4 format, although we also accept other formats, and may be made in the material that the student deems appropriate (all styles and techniques are accepted).

Important: All postcards must include name, class and school as well as a contact telephone number and e-mail address.

The winners of the contest will be notified by email on January 15, and will also be published on our social networks.

1st category (1st to 3rd grade)
2nd category (4th to 6th grade)
3rd category (ESO and BACH)

Prize: (one prize per category)

A free trip to the
Island of Ons
Island, to the
Cíes Islands
or to the
San Simón Island
for the winner of the contest, together with the rest of the class and two teachers. (The prize can be enjoyed until May 31, 2018 with prior reservation).

On the other hand, in the event that the center where the participants study (whether or not they are winners), decides to take a trip to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia (Cíes Islands or Ons Island) or to the Island of San Simón, with Naviera Nabia, all students will have a discount of 0.50€ on each ticket.

Once the deadline for submitting the postcards has expired, a person in charge of each department of Naviera Nabia will meet and select the winners from among all those submitted in each category.

Use of postcards
The postcards received will not be returned and will become the property of Naviera Nabia. The postcards will be exhibited in our facebook (

Acceptance of the bases
The participants of the contest, by the mere fact of submitting a drawing, accept the totality of the rules.

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