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How to request authorization for Cíes and Ons Islands (Step by step guide)

If you want to visit the Atlantic Islands of Galicia and spend the day there, it is mandatory to request the authorization for Cíes Islands or Ons Island before buying the round-trip boat ticket. We bring you a step-by-step guide to easily get this authorization, let’s get started!For the rest of the islands and routes it is not necessary to process any permit, you can make your reservation directly on our website. If you are going to spend the night, you must make a reservation in advance in the islands’ accommodations.

How to request your authorization for Cíes and Ons Islands: preparing your trip

We explain the process to follow to apply for this authorization in 6 steps and answer frequently asked questions:

  1. Enter and choose between traveling to Cíes Islands or Ons Island.
  2. Booking information: select the date and number of people traveling to the islands.
  3. Applicant and visitor data: covers the information with personal and contact data of the person requesting the authorization and of the persons traveling to the islands.
  4. Copy or save the pre-booking code. This code is provisional and valid for two hours, during which time you must enter it on our website when purchasing tickets.
  5. Go to and buy your tickets! 🙂 When you select the route and date you will be asked for the pre-booking code. After buying the ticket to Cíes or Ons Island, you will receive in your e-mail the authorization to travel to Cíes and Ons Islands for the day you bought the ticket.
  6. Remember!
  • Save the authorization (QR code): you can print it or save it on your mobile device. We will ask for it when you pick up your boat ticket and it will also be required by National Parks staff before boarding or upon arrival at the island.
  • Come to our ticket office 15-20 minutes before your trip to pick up your ticket. We will give you a map of the islands with all the information you need to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Infographic with the steps of the process to request authorization for Cíes and Ons Islands.

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