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Getting to know Team Nabia. Susi Acuña: “We have always been committed to innovation and to offering different activities each season”.

Susi Acuña has made it possible for Naviera Nabia to be a reference shipping company in Galicia, being today the only shipping company with women in all positions, including that of sailor and skipper. Islander and passionate about the sea, she is in charge of conducting our particular orchestra, always making sure that the client disembarks satisfied with the service received.

Why did you choose the world of the sea?

I was born on the island of Ons and the sea was always the environment I was surrounded by as a child, my connection is total.

What is your job at Naviera Nabia?

I am in charge of the management of the shipping company, coordinating the team of people and resources so that we can provide the best service every day.

What do you like most about your job?

My greatest enthusiasm comes from the fact that we are able to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Your favorite island? Why?

Ans! It is the island where I was born, it is part of who I am.

Tell us a curiosity about one of the islands we visited.

The island of Ons is the only one inhabited all year round and has a unique ethnographic history!

Why should a passenger choose Nabia to discover the islands?

Because we are the ones who care the most about our customers. Our boats are the fastest, most comfortable and our staff, the most attentive, and above all the most passionate about their work.

In addition to customer satisfaction, our goal is always to focus on innovation and to offer different things to our customers every season.


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