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Follow the 52SuperSeries Sailing Week from the sea

Follow the 52SuperSeries Baiona Sailing Week from the sea. A plan that any sailing or sports enthusiast should not miss.

The Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona is the host for the first race of this competition, considered the Formula 1 of the sea.

The 52 SUPER SERIES is considered the world’s top sailing circuit. Competing monohulls from 5 continents: Allegre (UK), Gladiator (UK), Interlodge (USA), Phoenix (South Africa), Platoon (Germany), Provezza (Turkey), Quantum Racing (USA) and Sled (USA) are the teams that will measure their strength on the Galicia race course.

Fantastic weather is expected for this event. All that remains is to cite the wind to see a good competition.


From the sea, with Pirates of Nabia, 52SuperSeries Sailing Week

A Naviera Nabia catamaran will follow the race from the sea on May 26, 27 and 28. The boat will depart from the maritime station of Baiona at around 12:30. We will accompany the boats at the start and finish line of at least two of the races.

In total there will be approximately four hours at sea. Passengers will enjoy the commentary of José Cigarrán, Director of the Mundo Náutica channel, the crossing between Baiona and the Cíes Islands, and a tasting of mussels and wine (included in the price). But, above all, they will enjoy the best “preferential grandstand” to follow the race.

The price of the tickets will be 15€ for adults and 10€ for children. With this rate, even those who do not know or love the world of sailing, will be able to enjoy a unique experience at sea at a very affordable price.

52superseries cartel evento
Cartel Piratas de Nabia para seguir en catamarán la 52SuperSeries Sailing Week


Photography enthusiasts

Being able to follow the 52SuperSeries from a catamaran is a luxury for lovers of nautical photography. You won’t get better photos unless you manage to be enlisted in the crew of one of these “formula 1” sailboats. Our advice: use a good telephoto lens, if possible with a lens hood to avoid uncomfortable reflections. It is also interesting to carry a handy tripod to provide stability to your camera.

In your case, protect yourself from the sun by covering your head with a tight-fitting visor (the wind can blow it away and we don’t want it to end up in the sea). Regularly apply a good layer of sunscreen.

Tip: you can play with the depth of field to achieve striking images of the sailboats when sailing with the Cíes Islands or the coast of the Bay of Baiona in the background.


También estaremos en el Race Village

Watching the evolution of these spectacular vessels from the sea will be a unique and unrepeatable event. The Transpac 52 or TP52, with a carbon fiber monohull, 15.85 meters long, a large sail area and long, thin keels, are considered authentic “flying machines” on the sea, the true “Formula 1”of today’s sailing.

Undoubtedly, in addition to being a spectacle, travelers will be able to indulge their love of sailing and photography. In addition, a canteen service will be available on board to complete the enjoyment.

In addition to following the race from the boat, Piratas de Nabia will have a stand in the Race Village of the race. We will also have information about our usual routes to the islands of the National Park and other experiences at sea.

Attention, places are limited! You can call us at 986 320 048 or make your reservation your reservation directly here . Select ORIGIN: Baiona and DESTINATION: 52 SS (with mussels and wine tasting). Remember, 15€ adults and 10€ children. No management fees.

Prepare your camera or cell phone memory, you’ll need it!

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