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Valentine’s Day celebrates LOVE and we love our passengers (madly). You already know that every year we do some #promotion on this date that we love so much. This year could not be less!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Pirates of Nabia has a prize. You can give your “crush” a voucher to travel during 2023 to any of our destinations or take advantage of these wonderful sunny winter days to travel with your partner, or with friends, children, alone, as you wish!

We leave every Saturday to the Cíes Islands, we also travel to Ons Island, we continue to program the Mussel Route and daily (except holidays) we connect the two sides of the Vigo estuary, between Moaña and the city of Vigo.

With all these possibilities, Piratas de Nabia offers you the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day: an experience in Paradise shared with your partner (or whoever you want).

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day in Cíes? Give the gift of Paradise

Valentine’s Day: having a “second date” is very easy

For every purchase you make at Piratas de Nabia between Friday February 10th and February 28th, you will get a discount code of 2€ for your next ticket of the 2023 season with our shipping company, with these conditions:

  • You can travel to any destination operated by Naviera Nabia, from a Mussel Route to a trip to San Simon Island, through the rest of the islands and services in our catalog (destinations available and updated every week on the web and from spring on paper).
  • The discount code will be applied to any trip until the end of the year.
  • The trip from Moaña – Vigo – Moaña estuary is excluded.
  • Subject to service availability. Call us at 986 320 048.
Cíes Islands
View from Alto do Príncipe, on the island of Monteagudo.

Valentine’s Day Gift Code

When you purchase your tickets or a gift voucher by any means during the dates of the promotion you will provide us with your email address.

From that moment on, you will be on the list of beneficiaries of the Valentine’s Day promotion. Once the campaign is over, we will send you a voucher with a discount code that you can use on the dates and under the conditions indicated in this article.

Each discount code can be applied to all the tickets you book on your next purchase. For example, today you decide to buy a gift voucher to surprise your partner, you will get a discount code, and in May, for example, you decide to visit Isla de Ons with your partner and four other friends. You will all get a two euro discount on that ticket when you apply the code when purchasing new tickets.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Give the gift of Paradise

Come to Cíes with Piratas de Nabia on Valentine’s Day, give the gift of Paradise. No doubt you already know the most famous sandy beach in the world, Rhodes Beach, chosen as the best beach in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian.

In Piratas de Nabia we offer you the most original Valentine’s Day gift: a gift voucher to enjoy during the entire 2023 season. We join the philosophy “don’t give things as gifts, give experiences as gifts”. After all, even the latest smartphone model will eventually break down, but the memory of a trip to Cíes or the island of Ons will remain forever.

At Piratas de Nabia we specialize in creating experiences with no expiration date, which do not spoil over time but, like the best wines, age very well.

Place names of Cíes

Do you want to know more about the CIS ISLANDS? In this link we tell you 5 curiosities about Cíes, enjoy it!

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