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Father’s Day, March 19, promotion: fathers, to Cíes for FREE

On Father’s Day we are launching a promotion to Cíes, an original gift with no expiration date or programmed obsolescence. Free of charge, no raffles.
Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19 in most countries around the world. That day is celebrated as St. Joseph’s Day in the Catholic tradition.
But this is not the case all over the world, for example, in Costa Rica, since 2018, Father’s Day is celebrated on June 17. This date was established by a bill adopted by the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, with the purpose of making the date coincide with the date of payment of salaries and thus stimulate commerce and commercial promotions for profit. This mercantilist intention of Father’s Day does not seem to have caught on among Costa Ricans, who are reluctant to adopt the new celebration date.
Click here to learn more curiosities about the celebration of Father’s Day in different parts of the world.
Far from the intention of our Costa Rican friends, in Naviera Nabia we propose FREE trips for parents who travel to Cíes with their families (of any type and format, but always 2 adults, one of them the parent, and at least one child).

Father's Day

Father’s Day, to Cíes for FREE

  • On March 19th, Father’s Day, we have departures to the Cíes Islands and San Simón Island.
  • Attention, this FREE Father’s Day promotion is exclusive for travel to the Cíes Islands.
  • The only requirement is to travel as a family, in any format, meaning a minimum configuration of two adults (one of them the child’s parent) and at least one child. As always, children under 4 years of age do not pay for a ticket either, they travel for FREE.
  • Ticket reservations can be made on this website, by clicking here you will go directly to the reservation page. You can also call 986 32 00 48, Piratas de Nabia’s ticket office at the Estación Marítima de Vigo, in case you have any doubts about your reservation.
  • The mechanics of the promotion are very easy:
    1. Purchase tickets for the adults and child/children accompanying the “honored” parent.
    2. Request the free ticket for the father by emailing
    3. All you have to do is provide us with the name and surname of the beneficiary, his/her date of birth and ID number, and finally the reference number of the tickets purchased.
    4. We will issue a zero cost ticket for the parent and send it to you by email.


FREE visit schedules to visit Cíes on Father’s Day:

Departures from Vigo

  • Morning hours 11:00 a.m.
  • Afternoon hours 15:30

Return to Vigo

  • Noon: 13:45
  • Afternoon: 17:30

Departures from Cangas (with a brief stopover in the port of Vigo -10 minutes- to pick up passengers and optimize fuel consumption).

  • Morning hours 10:30 a.m.
  • Afternoon hours 15:00

Return to Cangas (with a brief stopover in the port of Vigo).

  • Noon: 13:45
  • Afternoon: 17:30


  • Adults: 22€ (parent free)
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 10€.
  • Children under 4 years old: FREE


Cíes Islands, a paradise forty minutes away by boat, the best gift for Father’s Day

The Cíes Islands are part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. As a National Park, they enjoy a kind of protection. From the seabed to the conservation of species or the control of the proliferation of plants and other invasive species, the entire ecosystem of Cíes is specially monitored.

Going to the Cíes Islands at this time of year has the advantage of finding them already in spring hatching, without many visitors. In addition, our guides accredited by National Parks will accompany, in small groups, those people who decide to make a route in the Islands, which allows to know first hand, by expert staff, the thousands of details that in an individual visit may go unnoticed.

Visiting a National Park like the Cíes Islands on such a special day can become a memorable experience for the rest of your life. An experience that does not spoil, expire or break. A wonderful gift, no doubt about it.


Limited seating, best to reserve

The Cíes Islands, like the Island of Ons, have limited access for visitors, so it is important to book in advance in order to choose the most appropriate time and avoid being left without a place at the last minute.


You can book your tickets on this website, click here.

Remember: places on the islands are limited. If you get lost, they fly!

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