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Excursions for august 2023, enjoy Galicia from the sea

Piratas de Nabia offers numerous boat trips to get to know Galicia from the sea.

Much more than Cíes Islands in Naviera Nabia: as of today, most of the days of August are sold out to visit the Cíes Islands. But don’t worry, we offer you many more options to go out to sea and enjoy the corners of Rías Baixas, its nature, its curiosities and landscapes, and its traditions.


Excursions to the Island of Ons, National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Many people come to Galicia attracted by the Cíes Islands, a destination in itself, consolidated and known as the natural paradise that it is. However, the lack of foresight and the limited number of places make it necessary to book more and more in advance the access to the Cíes Islands.

Boat trips to Ons Island
Ons Island, view of the Caniveliñas inlet.

Excursions to Ons Island are a great alternative to the Cíes Islands. Also belonging to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, Ons offers a landscape and natural value at the height of the most famous Cíes.

Ons, also has a greater gastronomic offer than the Cíes Islands, because there is Casa Acuña, the most emblematic island restaurant in Galicia, where you can taste the octopus Ons style. Authentic island cuisine to put the cherry on top of a spectacular day of nature, culture, fauna, flora and wonderful beaches.

We travel to Ons daily from Vigo, Bueu and Portonovo. We will also have an excursion to Ons from A Pobra do Caramiñal on August 13, leaving at 11:00 and returning at 19:00.

To obtain the authorization to travel to Ons Island, it is necessary to request the authorization from Xunta de Galicia in this link.

Once you have the authorization number, your boat ticket can be booked at: Islas Cíes viajes.


Festive” boat trips: Fires of the Loire 2023

Another important excursion: on August 26th, the Loire Fires will be held on the beach of the same name in the coastal municipality of Marin.

As last year, Piratas de Nabia organizes boat trips from the ports of Bueu and Portonovo to enjoy the Loire Fires from the sea.

Boat excursions to the Loire Fires
Fires of the Loire from the sea, no traffic jams

The departure will take place at sunset (check schedule) to enjoy a boat ride with dinner (catering type) included, and then anchor off the beach of Loira in Marin and thus be able to see the fires with the mirror of the sea for lights and flashes.

This excursion does not end with dinner and fireworks, but continues with entertainment on board: music and dancing or night sailing, two atmospheres for all tastes. A family activity of reference in the summer of the Rías Bajas.

You can book your trip to the Fires of Loire on this website.


Starlight Excursions: Tears of San Lorenzo from the sea

Make a wish: to see shooting stars from a place isolated from all light pollution: we can make it happen!

On the nights of August 11, 13 and 14 we will have departures from Vigo and Cangas to observe the Tears of San Lorenzo or Perseids from the sea.

Astronomer-guided Starlight Observation with Pirates of Nabia in National Park waters

From Vigo there will be departures at 22:00 and 22:15 and from Cangas at 21:30. The return trip will take place between 00:30 and 00:45.

We will travel to the waters of the National Park, in the Cíes Islands, from where the observation will take place (without disembarking).

Warm clothing is recommended as the observation is made from the upper deck of the catamaran. This is an activity guided by a qualified astronomer, which allows us to enjoy and learn more about our celestial vault.

The price ranges from 27€ for adults and 15€ for children from 4 to 12 years old. Children under 4 years old travel free of charge (but still need a ticket).

You can buy your “Perseids” tickets now.


Starlight Excursions: stargazing in Sálvora departing from A Pobra

Another very interesting experience that is difficult to repeat, as there are few boat excursions like this one.

The departure will take place on August 5 from A Pobra do Caramiñal, at 19:30 and the return will be around 00:30 hours. It is recommended to bring warm clothes and a small picnic dinner as there are no commercial establishments on the island.

We remind you that it is still a territory of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia and therefore Starlight Destination.


Tourist boat in the Vigo Estuary

During the whole month of August, people who enjoy vacations in Vigo or Morrrazo or who visit the Rías Baixas will be able to enjoy this new exclusive experience of Piratas de Nabia.

Departing from the ports of Vigo and Moaña, it makes a circular route in the Vigo estuary, which allows to know its landscape, its industry linked to the sea, and much of the stories that happened in this estuary, from the Battle of Rande to the whaling in Cangas.

Departures are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 4:00 pm from Moaña and at 4:30 pm from Vigo.

Tickets can be purchased on this website or by phone at 986 32 00 48.


Excursions to the “black gold” of the estuary: Mussel Route

The Mussel Route, year after year, is consolidated as one of the favorite outings to do in the Ría de Vigo. In Piratas de Nabia we have made this trip one of our most recommended and successful experiences.

Proof of this is that the increasing demand makes us offer this tour every day of the week (except Mondays).

Boat trips: mussel route
Enjoying the “black gold” of the estuaries on the Mussel Route with Pirates of Nabia

The Mussel Route departs from the ports of Vigo and Cangas at 13:00 and 12:40 hours respectively. With an approximate duration of one hour and a half, it allows travelers to enjoy a lunch-tasting on board (mussels, of course) and reserves a final surprise to make the excursion a guaranteed party.

You can book the Mussel Route in this link.


Other excursions to know Galicia from the sea:

On August 18 we will travel from Baiona to the Cíes Islands, departing at 9:30 am and returning at 1:45 pm.

The navigation from Baiona reserves interesting surprises such as the crossing between Monteferro and the Estelas or the arrival to the Cíes archipelago from the South Island.

Are you coming to enjoy with the Pirates? 🙂

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