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Easter Week 2021 to soar: Make your reservation to Cíes and Ons Islands

You can already make your reservation to visit the Cíes and Ons Islands! Prepare everything for this Easter 2021 because we set sail again. We are looking forward to bringing our islands back to life and they need you as much as you need them.

We have to go back to Easter a year ago, we can’t spend the holidays cooped up at home again. This 2021 has to come out on top and of course it will be under two conditions: enjoyment and, above all, compliance with safety and hygiene measures. So, book now on our website and don’t miss out on your place!

Security in the Islands, the priority for these days

With what we have been rowing against all odds for Covid-19 to let us get back together and embrace each other, we are not going to overlook the measures. The good thing about the Atlantic Islands National Park is that we are outdoors, in fact, more is impossible.

We have been working on reservations for years and now more than ever. It is something that we have always had to control and that is why we do not make an effort to respect the capacity because, although, as we said, we are going to be outdoors, we cannot allow crowds. Therefore, we recommend that you book your tickets in advance on our website.

From the moment you make your reservation we count on you and we will start disinfecting and preparing all the facilities.

Believe me,

We want you to feel safe from the moment you set foot on the boat or on the sand.

What can I do in the Islands at Easter?

It is not unusual to go to the beach as spring begins, so we could say that it is a good time to take the first swim of the year, weather permitting.

If not,

Simply watching our crystal clear waters as the sun sets is an experience that your memory will surely not be able to erase for a while. But we are not going to talk only about the beach because the islands have much more for you: Routes and excursions.

In the
Cíes Islands
you can see the Monte Faro Route, the Monte Agudo Route, the Alto do Príncipe Route and the A Porta Lighthouse Route. They are not very difficult, even though they are long ascents, especially the
Route of Mount Faro
which is the most emblematic. It passes through landscapes such as Rodas Beach or the dunes of Muxeiro and ends at the Cíes Lighthouse,

It’s worth it.

In the
Ons Islands
we can opt for the South Route, where we find the Mirador de Fedorentos; the Northern or Naturist Route, which passes through the
nudist beach of Melide
and the Punta Centolo and Punta Xubenco viewpoints; the Lighthouse Route that leads to the Lighthouse of Ons and the Route do Castelo which is the shortest and passes by the Mirador do Castello.


Don’t fall into a sea of doubts, make up your mind, make your
make your reservation to the Cíes and Ons Islands
and plan your trip to enjoy all that Cíes and Ons have to offer. You deserve to enjoy paradise, and since we are allowed to do so, we can’t let you down for another year. Are you getting on board?

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