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CIES ISLANDS: Discover its 3 most photographic viewpoints

As you know, the Cies Islands are one of the most visited tourist destinations in Galicia. This is not surprising, since among its natural landscapes there are places capable of taking anyone’s breath away. Therefore, today we present the 3 viewpoints with which you will get the most impressive photographs and with which, if you want, you can leave everyone speechless in your social networks.

In this post we tell you more details!

Viewpoint of O Alto do Príncipe

The difficulty of the route in the Cies Islands that leads to this viewpoint is low, with a distance of 2.5 kms (round trip) and a duration of approximately 90 minutes. At the beginning of the trail, you can enjoy the views of the
Rhodes Beach
. As you move forward, you will leave behind this spectacular beach to begin to enjoy a whole spectacle of natural landscapes. You will be able to see cliffs and beaches that can be appreciated in their maximum splendor at the end of the route at the viewpoint of O Alto do Príncipe. It is located 115m above sea level. From there you will be able to take incredible pictures and videos.

Once there, you will find the well-known Queen’s ChairThe two sides that make up the Cíes Islands. You will be able to see the west side very steep and the east side much gentler with views into the interior of the Vigo estuary and Rhodes Beach.

Monte do Faro Viewpoint

Middle Island Lighthouse Road or “Do Faro”.

The next must-see viewpoint is located on one of the longest routes of the Cies Islands, consisting of a 7 km trail (round trip) and a duration of approximately 3 hours. In spite of this, it is a simple path. Along the route, we find a lake where you can see different marine species, as well as the well-known Pedra da Campá. The latter is a large rock perforated by erosion.

Next to it is a viewpoint from which to observe the birds that nest on the cliffs of the Atlantic side of the island. Good place to shoot your camera. If you have a telephoto lens, you can also get stunning images of animals in their natural environment.

Continuing the ascent, you will reach the emblematic lighthouse where you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the three islands that make up the archipelago, the beaches, the cliffs and the entire Vigo estuary.

A Porta de Islas Cies Lighthouse Viewpoint

To finish the list you have the viewpoint Faro de A Porta. This trail, less traveled than the previous ones, offers views closer to the sea. The time required to complete this route is approximately 5.3 kms (round trip) with a duration of 105 minutes. During this route you will be able to enjoy
the beach of Nosa Señora
and the pier of Carracido. Once you reach the end of the trail you will be at A Porta Lighthouse . From here, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the islands of San Martiño, which is the southernmost island of the archipelago.

Remember that to visit our Islands this Easter you will have to request your visitor’s authorization in the page of the Xunta de Galicia. And if you need more information about it, you can read our post with the most frequently asked questions about authorization.


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