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CIES, 1 lighthouse overlooking Paradise

Looking for the best horizons? Here there is no swing or bench or chair for instagramers. CIES, lighthouse to Paradise: with capital letters, without artifice or additions.

Have you ever had that urge to travel to a place where you feel entirely at peace? Then get your ticket to Cies Islands because it’s the closest you’ll get to Paradise. And precisely for this reason, Cies has limited places. To purchase your ticket online you will also need to obtain a visitor’s authorization if you are traveling between June 15 and September 15. Run, places are limited!

With your ticket to Cíes Islands you can make the climb to Monte do Faro from where you can contemplate incredible views of the natural park of the Cíes Islands. Cross the sea with us and you will know what we are talking about.

Cíes un Faro al Paraíso
Las mejores vistas del Atlántico, desde Islas Cíes

Schedules and authorization to go to Cíes

In approximately 40 minutes your boat will have arrived at Rodas Beach. There you will realize that getting the ticket to go to Cíes was worth it. You can find our continuously updated schedules on this website.

Remember that, as mentioned before, you need an authorization to visit the Cíes Islands in high season. In addition, you have to take into account whether your return ticket is on the same day or not (if you are going to sleep in Cíes it is a different authorization ).

This season you should keep in mind that if you are going to travel to Cies you should book in advance. The islands are usually sold out with a minimum of one week’s notice.

Now we will explain what it means: CIES, lighthouse to Paradise.


The Cíes Islands Lighthouse, a climb to your memory

Well, let’s leave these aspects aside and focus on the Cíes Lighthouse, as it is probably the reason why you are reading this. To get there you must take the Monte Faro Route or Faro de Cíes Lighthouse Route, which is the longest and most difficult as it has a long ascent, so be prepared.

The route is 7 kilometers long, has medium difficulty and is not circular, so keep the latter in mind if you are going to do it close to nightfall. We start at the information booth along Rodas Beach and Lago dos Nenos.

During the route you will see emblematic places such as the beautiful Nosa Señora Beach or Pedra de Campá. In addition, you can extend the route and enjoy the rest of the lighthouses in Cíes if you take the paths that are connected along the route.

CIES beacon to paradise

A 178 metros sobre el nivel del mar

The Cíes Lighthouse is 178 meters above sea level, or in other words, the highest point of the Vigo estuary. What is clear is that when you arrive you will forget all the effort made on the way because the views from the lighthouse are incredible.

A slope zigzags upwards, making the landscape more and more imposing. Do not miss the detour to A Pedra da Campá halfway up the ascent. There you will also find a viewpoint to observe the birds of the islands flying over the cliffs.

It is not the first time we talk about the Cies Lighthouse, and we know that many adventurers who take their ticket to Cies is only to make this route and contemplate the views. Therefore, if you need more information you can consult this post in which we go into more detail.

If you took your ticket to Cíes to see the lighthouse, you won’t regret it.

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