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Bouzas Fireworks 2022 from the sea!

A true classic! On July 17th we take you to experience the magic of the Bouzas fireworks from the sea.
No hustle, no queues, no hassles and living them from a unique environment, with the reflection of the lights in the sea.
Are you in? We leave from Cangas (21:45) and Vigo (22:00).
The trip will begin with a walk along the estuary. We will anchor in front of Bouzas, in the perfect place to have the best possible view of the now famous Bouzas fireworks.
The trip includes two different modalities, a trip along the estuary and fireworks, or a trip and fireworks with entertainment on board and a catered dinner. The trip with dinner and entertainment only costs 5€ more than the Fireworks Tour.
Night walk, dinner on board, Galician D.O. wine, and of course Fireworks. Undoubtedly, the perfect ingredients for a magical night.
Click here to buy your tickets.
Children under 4 years old travel for free!

Bouzas Fireworks 2022 with Pirates of Nabia
Bouzas Fireworks 2022, to enjoy from the sea


  • Option A: Bouzas fireworks for 25€ (adults) or 10€ (children from 4 to 10 years old).
  • Option B: Bouzas fireworks with animation at sea and catering on board, for 30€ (adults or 15€ (children from 4 to 10 years old).


Bouzas Fires

  • Departures from Cangas, at 9:45 pm.
  • Departures from Vigo, at 22:00 h.


  • At 00:30 h.

Bouzas Festivities 2022, a very Vigo plan

A trip to the festivities in Bouzas has always been a very Vigo plan. As much as the fish promenade and the bike path to surround Zona Franca, or the Sunday Market.

This 2022, from July 15 to 19, orchestras, fairs, music bands, and of course fireworks will delight locals and visitors.

The festivities in Bouzas link nights of enjoyment with the previous ones in the neighboring neighborhood of Coia. They will share a Ferris wheel with the Coia neighborhood, since the one that now delights children (and not so much) in the Alfageme traffic circle, will be installed later in the seaside neighborhood.

This Ferris wheel does not reach the height of the Christmas Vigo of lights, but even so, with its 40 meters high, it allows you to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.


3 places for Tapas in Bouzas

Undoubtedly, the festivities are a good occasion to come to Bouzas and let yourself be carried away by the revelry and the party. Bouzas, as a good seaside town, also has a remarkable gastronomic offer to enjoy on a summer night.

Without detracting from any of the many other very good restaurants in Bouzas, we make a small selection of the author:


Modern decoration integrated in the architecture of an old grocery store.

Tasty dishes with a very careful presentation and signature cuisine. Best to reserve.

O Peirao

Enxebre local where you can enjoy the most authentic Bouzas.

Limited menu marked by the offer of the market, traditional cuisine without artifice. Rich and very crowded.

The canteen of the Liceo

In the Liceo de Bouzas, next to the marina, a tavern with a quiet and large terrace where you can enjoy a pleasant evening.

Uncomplicated tapas at affordable prices.


Bouzas Fires 2022 without traffic jams

To experience the Bouzas Fires in the front row, forgetting about parking, traffic jams, without complications of displacements, without squeezing or pushing, is within the reach of very few. If you add to that a boat ride on the estuary, a dinner accompanied by a good wine, and the best place to enjoy the Bouzas Fireworks 2022, the plan is unbeatable.

This is the proposal of Pirates of Nabia.

The only drawback: places are limited and if you get lost, they fly away!

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