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5 tips to keep in mind in times of Covid-19

No one imagined half a year ago that a global pandemic would cause us to be housebound for so long and to value so much small acts like getting together with family and friends, getting out of the house or even traveling. That is why now that we can adapt to the new normal, we summarize in 5 tips for traveling after coronavirus.

5 points for you to enjoy a few days of disconnection and fresh air in a safe and grateful for all the effort that local businesses make to open the shutters of their stores every day.

1. Enjoy the outdoors

With the arrival of summer and the new normal, outdoor activities are the best option to enjoy the new normal and avoid contagions. Large cities and crowded destinations are the first places to avoid. That is why we recommend you to do mountain routes, look for that outdoor activity that you would like to do as much as visiting the Cíes islands. At the same time that you do some sport, discover a unique spot and enjoy a nice view of a breathtaking landscape.

2. Make reservations

As you have observed, there are situations where many people are conglomerating. For this reason, the stores have opened a reservation system for
reservation system
so that they can prepare for your arrival, disinfect the facilities and take the appropriate security measures. Due to the reduction of capacity in bars and restaurants, if you make a reservation in advance you are guaranteed to get into that bar or restaurant that has been recommended to you.

And continuing with the reservations. You don’t just have to make a reservation to get into the bar or restaurant of your choice, or to enjoy other more specific experiences. For example, we recommend that you reserve your parking space at Seville airport or whatever your airport of departure is.

3. Support to local companies

During these exceptional times, tourism has been one of the most affected sectors. That is why this is the best time to support those local businesses and small hotels to face this situation in a better way. Visit restaurants, stores and businesses dedicated to local tourism, together we can make small businesses not suffer so much this crisis and respecting their great work.

4. Travel respecting the measures and to places where maximum safety is guaranteed.

Visit those places that guarantee small groups, commercial premises with maximum capacity and respecting security measures. Be aware that we are all participants in stopping this virus. Therefore, avoid crowds to infect or be infected by washing your hands, wearing a mask, sneezing at the elbow and respecting the two-meter safety distance.

5. Be generous

With small acts such as word of mouth, sharing videos or photos on your social networks or posting your opinion on platforms such as tripadvisor, tell your experience in those places you visit: hotels, restaurants, local craft stores or even the guide who showed you the city. With actions such as these, we help future users and help local tourism, which has been so badly affected.

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