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World Environment Day: for the preservation of our natural environment

Our commitment to the environment around us is one of our hallmarks, a requirement of our team and a debt to our planet. How can we help in the conservation of the environment? From Naviera Nabia we share some of our keys to take care of the environment on a daily basis:

  • To be aware that there is no planet B: this is the first and most important consideration. We must protect what we have because that is all we have. According to the World Health Organization, nine out of ten people are exposed to pollution levels above the safety level established by this entity. This year’s World Environment Day theme, “Unite for a planet without air pollution,” seeks to raise awareness of the importance of curbing pollution of the air we breathe. Do you want to know more about this topic? Check this link of Aproema, entity that organizes a day today on the island of Ons.
  • Information and environmental awareness: The islands of Cíes, Ons, Sálvora… are part of the The National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, and as such, is a specially protected area: our team of guides is responsible in each trip -and in each guided route- for explaining to the passengers some basic rules of sustainability and coexistence with our environment:
    • the collection of all waste generated from the islands,
    • the reduction of plastic use,
    • protection of fauna and flora, etc.,

Because knowing our environment is the first step to protect it.

  • Valorization of the environment: in Naviera Nabia we have designed special activities -such as the Starlight Route or the Mussel Route- to value our natural environment, raising awareness of the need to preserve it.
  • Promotion of sustainable tourism: we maintain an active participation in environmental activities, collaborating with a wide range of entities and institutions: from beach cleaning to training sessions on sustainable mobility.

And you, do you also take care of our natural resources? Tell us in our networks how you help preserve nature in your daily life. 🙂

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