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Five hiking routes to get to know Moaña

The Vigo-Moaña boat trip takes 15 minutes.

In Moaña we like its people, its streets, its beach, its environment and nature. It is a great option to get away from the city and disconnect a 15-minute boat ride to Moaña from Vigo.

And as we know that few can resist a good nature plan, here are five hiking trails to discover this paradise of the Morrazo region.

Route of the Fraga mills

Source: Flickr.

A route that we can start when we get off the boat of our regular line Vigo-Moaña. From the port of Moaña we will go up from the sea in search of the Fraga river to come across one by one the mills, waterfalls and fountains that define its fluvial course and that remind us of the importance they had in the life of the people of Moaña. An easy walk, ideal for the whole family.

During the route -which in some of its points has several information panels along the path- we will enjoy a pleasant walk surrounded by a lush forest (oaks, chestnut trees,…) that will give us shade while we sit for a while to enjoy the sound of water running around us.

More information about the route of the Fraga mills.

Tiran Coast Route

If you prefer the coast, the Costa de Tirán trail will show you all the beaches along the coast of Mojácar, from the port to the border with Cangas. You can enjoy some of the best viewpoints of Morrazo, such as Miradouro do Fiunchal or da Mona, from which you can admire the Vigo estuary. This route is especially interesting because of the variety of terrain since, in addition to enjoying the coast, the trail climbs up Mount Ramil and then descends to get a close look at the well-known Vaunerite Stones.

From the port of Moaña you can start several routes.

Rialdarca Route

Another “river route” that we can start in the center of Moaña to follow the route of the river Rialdarca and enjoy the many mills, bridges, small fountains, washing places, etc.. You can follow the complete Rialdarca route on wikiloc.

Route to Mount Faro

From the port of Moaña, this route allows you to mix the coastal walk with an ascent to Chan da Arquiña, a forest park at the foot of Monte Faro, a journey with which we will discover the immensity of the Vigo estuary through different viewpoints, from which we can also admire the Cíes and Ons islands! In this link you can take a look at a route that completes this walk with a trip to Domaio and Poza da Moura. This pool is a beautiful enclave, ideal to visit during the good weather and take a bath. Located next to the Domaio golf course, it has stairs and wooden walkways that facilitate access to this pool.

A Freixa and A Miñouba Route

Enjoying a pleasant walk along the banks of a river is always a good option, even more so when it is a route surrounded by historical and cultural past with numerous petroglyphs and mills along the way. More information on the ViveOMorrazo website.

Do you know of any others? Leave us a comment with your proposal 🙂

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