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Tickets to the Island of Ons, the 2 steps you have to follow

If you are thinking about going to Ons Island, you should know what you have to do to get your ticket and go on one of our boats. Depending on the season in which you want to travel, you will have to book it with more time or not and in some cases have a mandatoryauthorization issued by the Xunta de Galicia.

Throughout the month of September we continue regular trips to the island of Ons, which this season is getting almost at the level of the Cíes Islands in terms of demand and occupancy, covering the maximum quota for much of the summer.

Want to know everything you need? Well, stay and read this to have it clear before getting your ticket so you can get on the boat with total security. Will you join us? Here we go!

1- Do I need an authorization to visit Ons?

The first step is to know when you are going and if you are going to stay overnight. One of the issues that generates the most doubts is the issue of authorization. This is mandatory if you are taking your ticket at Easter or in season, i.e. from May 15 to September 15.

But this is not all,

To go to Ons or the Cíes Islands there are two types of authorizations and depending on whether you spend the night or not you will have to get one or the other. In the purchase process of the ticket in this website you have a link that allows you to obtain the authorization code. If you are going to spend the night alone, you will have to provide all the information to the accommodation, since it is the establishment itself.
Camping Isla de Ons
Pension Casa Acuña
who is in charge of managing your authorization.

This means that, from September 16 to May 15, except for Easter, you do not need to get authorization and it will be enough with your data and the boat ticket for you to arrive. If you are still not very clear you can read this post we made to help you with this topic as we know it can be very confusing.

2-Where to take the boat to Ons and duration of the trip

The second step is to get the ticket to travel. It is important to know that our boats to take you to the island of Ons leave from Bueu, Portonovo and in July and August also from Vigo. You can get the ticket on our website in the section
Ons Island

The longest route is the one from Vigo, which takes about an hour and a quarter. However, if you take your ticket from Bueu and Portonovo the trip will be shorter, between 35 and 45 minutes more or less.

Once you know the day you are traveling, where you are departing from and the time, the last step is to buy the ticket and wait for the day to arrive. Enjoying the trip and the experience is the most important thing. Without a doubt, it is a paradise that you will not regret visiting. The island of Ons has countless secrets to discover, probably one day in Ons will be very short.

You can take advantage of these last days when you do not need authorization and just take your boat ticket to visit the island of Ons, also in spring you can enjoy the tranquility of having them emptier for you. You can also visit us in season. We will comply with all safety measures for you and we look forward to your visit.

In case you have any questions regarding the authorization or the boat trip you can call us at 986 320 048 and we will help you to organize everything. So now you know, here we are at your disposal, are you coming?

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