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The most fun Magosto, on the island of Ons!

[Actividad cancelada por previsión meteorológica desfavorable.] If you still don’t know the island of Ons, this is the perfect excuse to discover it. And if you know it, don’t miss it, because this magosto is going to be a real party! On Saturday, November 30 we will leave Bueu at 10:30 am. to sail along the Pontevedra estuary to the island of Ons where we will enjoy a first stop for a coffee after the boat trip.

At 12:00h. We will begin a guided tour of the island, in which we will discover the history and nature that characterizes this island and how is the daily life of the islanders.

And there’s more! At 14:00h. you will have the option of eating a traditional and delicious Galician stew at Casa Acuña, to be enjoyed from 4:00 pm. of an authentic magosto, with foliada and traditional Galician music, in charge of the bagpipers “Demos do Buraco”. We will head for Bueu at 17:30h. Do you feel like it?


  • Departure from Bueu at 10:30h.
  • Return from Ons at 17:30h.


  • Boat + Casa Acuña menu + magosto (wine tasting)
    • Adults: 30€.
    • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 18€.
  • Boat + magosto
    • Adults: 15€.
    • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 10€.

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