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The 3 things you cannot miss if you go by boat to the Cíes Islands

We all know that the Cíes Islands are a privileged place in the Atlantic, regardless of whether you have already visited them or not, but before arriving you can enjoy a whole experience. Going by boat to Cíes is an opportunity to enjoy not only the islands but also the journey.

Stay to read this to find out what three unique things you can see with Pirates of Nabia.

A unique and incomparable journey to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia and the “best beach in the world” according to The Guardian and any Galician you ask.


The adventure of going by boat to Cíes

What you read, not to brag, but going by boat to Cíes is amazing since we set sail and not only when you get off the boat and feel the sand on your feet. The crossing itself is a rare experience for most visitors.

The boats of our shipping company are new and very comfortable, which makes sailing an adventure to enjoy every second, even for people who are not used to the waves.

It is true that not everyone likes to go by boat, but we who go every day assure you that this cannot be a reason to miss this landscape. Sometimes a previous bad experience aboard a small boat makes them give up a whole world of experiences on board. We are only going to give you three reasons and we are sure we will convince you.


Pay attention to the 3 reasons to enjoy the boat trip to Cíes!

  1. Have you ever seen dolphins in the Atlantic? If the answer is no, surely it is because you have not gone by boat to Cíes. On the upper deck of the catamarans you can enjoy this view relatively often. In 2018, this news item stated that in the surroundings of the Cíes Islands archipelago there are more than 3,000 dolphins, or at least these are all the ones that were seen that summer.
  2. When the sun goes down. If your trip coincides with the sunset, at dusk, you are privileged. Seeing a sunset is always something spectacular, seeing it at sea is incredible, but if you see it on the boat going to Cíes you can’t even imagine it. If you’re a fan of sunsets, like me, you’ll love this.
  3. A view that leaves you speechless. Going by boat to Cíes is like feeling that you are getting closer to paradise and the landscape gradually shows it to you. This is what you are assured of if you go by boat to Cíes, the scenery only gets better. The Cíes Islands can be seen from the mainland, in Vigo. Its silhouette is popular and known to be appreciated from different places and viewpoints of the city. That is why approaching them is a way of approaching a known landscape but improving it gradually. A delight.
Boat to Cíes
The catamaran “Jesús Rosa Acuña” of Piratas de Nabia, a regular at the Cíes pontoon.


Did it not taste good to you?

It is true that there is no other way to go to Cíes if not by boat. (We do not recommend attempting the crossing by kayak as some daredevils have had to be rescued by Salvamento Marítimo. It is also a route where you can hardly blink for fear of missing the scenery.

Aren’t you looking forward to setting sail? We do and we are waiting for you. In this other post you can take a look at everything you can do in the Cíes Islands to make your trip even better.

You can check more information on our website and make your reservation for the boat to Cíes. Otherwise you can also call us at 986 320 048. Do not hesitate to contact us because we will be happy to help you.

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