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Sleeping in the Cíes Islands, a night in paradise

Sleeping in the Cíes Islands is considered one of the most attractive plans offered by the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

It is not always possible to spend the night in a natural park, in the middle of an incomparable environment such as the one offered by the Cíes Islands, in Vigo: undoubtedly one of the best destinations to enjoy the sea and the contact with nature.

Visiting the Cíes Islands and the national park is a unique experience, as it is described in countless tourist guides or in any travel blog.

However, to let the last ship sail back and sleep in the Cíes Islands is something tremendously special and we think it is a dream come true for every traveler.

Sleeping in the Cíes Islands, a paradise at your fingertips

camping islas Cies

The Cíes Islands, 14 km off the coast of Vigo, belong to the Atlantic Islands National Maritime and Terrestrial Park and, together with the islands of Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada, form one of the most special and spectacular natural habitats in Spain.

Galicia, besides delighting the visitor with dozens of charming villages, its seafaring culture or its famous gastronomy, has a privileged coastal geography and its estuaries are full of unique ecosystems.

It must be taken into account that, of all the national parks throughout the map (Castilla y León, Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia…), only two have the privilege of being maritime-terrestrial parks, which translates into a special consideration and protection of their aquatic environment, their marine systems and the species that inhabit them.

Guided tours and perfectly signposted routes throughout its three islands (Monteagudo Island, Faro Island and San Martiño) are essential to discover all that this place has to offer. In addition, just three quarters of an hour away by boat, in the Cíes Islands you can find some of the best beaches in the world.


How to get to the Cíes Islands and what to see in our trip

spend the night in Cíes Islands

The only option to travel to the Cíes Islands is by boat, either privately (for which we will need an anchoring permit) or by shipping company. The boats sail from the ports of Vigo, Baiona and Cangas de Morrazo and you can buy the round trip ticket both online and at the information booths of each port.

Upon arriving at the Cíes Islands and setting foot on dry land, the traveler finds the beautiful Rodas Beach and is impressed by its fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

Hailed as the “best beach in the world” by The Guardian newspaper, its visit does not detract from other beaches in the islands such as Figueiras Beach, San Martiño Beach or Nosa Señora Beach.


The beaches of the Cíes Islands, with their beautiful surroundings, are only a part of the wonders you can find in the park.

For Galicia, the Cíes Islands are a notable attraction for tourism. For this reason, the Xunta takes great care in their conservation and in providing the best services without altering the natural habitat of the archipelago. There are guided routes, hiking trails through which the traveler can discover all the secrets of the Cíes that travel guides do not always include.

Contemplating the colonies of migratory birds, watching the sunset on the Alto del Príncipe to get the best photos, visiting its lighthouses or observing the dunes that the sea has shaped are some of the experiences worth living.

Even the Maritime Route of the Way of St. James as it passes through Pontevedra passes through this paradise of the Rías Baixas.


Where to sleep in the Cíes Islands

sleep in Cíes islands

In the Cíes Islands, hotels are conspicuous by their absence. As it is a natural park, if you wish to spend the night, the most environmentally sustainable option is camping.

The Cíes Islands have a campsite located on the island of Faro, at the end of Rodas Beach and bordering the Lago dos Nenos, which connects the islands of Monteagudo and Faro.

Surrounded by such a special place, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the best services at the best price in a campsite that has the distinctive Green Camping, a guarantee of compliance with the most stringent management requirements and environmental promotion.

The Illas Cíes campsite is open only during high season and Easter.

In addition, the influx of travelers in the Cíes was becoming somewhat unsustainable in recent years, which led the authorities to take measures and allow a limited number of daily visitors.

For all these reasons, it is mandatory to request an authorization, free of charge, to take the boat to our destination. If we wish to camp in the Cíes Islands, it is necessary to reserve our camping place beforehand in order to be able to get a round trip ticket on the catamaran on different days.

You can find more information about reservations, tickets and prices to sleep in the Cíes Islands on our website.

Camping in the Cíes Islands

Camping in Cíes

The Cíes campsite has all the facilities of a 2nd category campsite, while respecting and preserving the incomparable natural setting in which it is located. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect place to sleep in the Cíes.

Among its services, we find a restaurant cafeteria, with a large dining room and terrace with beautiful views. Every day, we will be able to see the diverse offer of typical products and fresh fish from the estuary, as well as all kinds of homemade food for all tastes, children’s menus and vegan alternatives.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. You can also enjoy other restaurants on the island with their different offers, located very close to each other.

Camping in Cíes Islands

The Illas Cíes campsite has a green and sports area, where activities for children are carried out with a monitor. In addition, snorkeling and kayak trips are offered.

No previous experience is required, so everyone can enjoy the Cíes Islands by guided routes as an initiation in a sea kayak. It is not necessary to bring special equipment, since the campsite already has everything you need to get started in these sports.

Starlight-certified nighttime astronomical observation tours are also available.

Of course, the Cíes campsite has two toilet areas with hot water and adapted bathrooms, as well as a small supermarket, open all day, where you can buy basic food, drugstore and camping supplies. In addition, the entire site is a Wi-Fi zone.

To sleep in the Cíes Islands, you can rent a tent at the campsite or bring your own tent. There are several different camping areas.

If you choose to bring your own tent, you will be able to set it up on your plot, although, if desired, two or more tents can be set up on the same plot. Once you arrive at the island, you must go to the Illas Cíes campsite to check in with your personal information before pitching your tent.

The plots do not have electricity, so it is advisable to bring lighting devices or camping gas, whose cylinders can also be purchased or rented at the supermarket. However, the campsite has a free cell phone recharging area .

Experience the adventure of staying overnight in the Cíes Islands, Galicia, SpainIf you prefer to sleep in the Cíes Islands renting a tent, the Cíes campsite offers you several options. It is also important that you know how many adults and how many children you will be because, depending on how many adults and children you will be, you can choose a single or double tent.

The single tent has a bed for one or two people, with the possibility of requesting an extra bed for a child. The double tent is more spacious, offering 1 room with 2 beds that can accommodate two, three or four people.

The tents have a bed, mattress, fitted sheet, pillows and pillow covers, but are not equipped with blankets or sleeping bags, so you have to bring your own.

If you do not have a sleeping bag, you can also request it when booking the rental tents or at the reception of the Illas Cíes campsite. These plots also have no electricity or water supply, although inside each tent there is a lantern to illuminate the room at night. The tent rental service is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to the special importance of respect for the environment in the park, you will not find bungalows or other constructions in the Cíes Islands campsite. There are only 800 beds and the maximum stay is 15 days.


Cíes Islands accommodation recommendations

Sleeping in the Cíes Islands is a luxury that deserves to be lovingly preserved by everyone.

For this, we give you a series of recommendations to enjoy your experience to the fullest without causing impact on the environment.

  • Surroundings Cíes IslandsEnjoy and respect the entire park. Sunbathe on any of its wonderful beaches, observe the fauna of land and sea, cross from one island to another, delight in its viewpoints, visit the museum of Faro… but, please, do not leave or take anything with you. In the Cíes Islands there are no trash garbage cans, so it is recommended that each person has their own bag where to deposit garbage, and then take it with them. There are no souvenir stores either, but it is not necessary to take a stone or a flower as a souvenir, it is better to take some good pictures!
  • Noise pollution is also important. Please try to keep noise levels to a minimum, not only at night. Listen to the protected birds, relax with the murmur of the ocean and enjoy the breaking of the waves.
  • Wear good shoes (country shoes, not city shoes) and sun protection. Some of the hiking trails in the Cíes Islands can be somewhat demanding and require fitness. Don’t forget a jacket for the return trip.
  • Remember that if you do not have a reservation at the campsite, you will have to go and return to the islands on the same day. You should also be aware of your return time, since there is no public address system on the islands to warn you when the catamarans are leaving. Of course, camping is not allowed on the Cíes Islands except in the camping area.


Sleeping in the Cíes Islands. Your next destination

Travel to the Cíes Islands campsite

It is possible that you had never thought before where to sleep in the Cíes, not even if it was possible to spend the night in the middle of a natural park. However, now that you know this, we are sure that camping in the Cíes Islands is one of your next travel plans.

In Pirates of Nabia we are happy to take you to your destination. Once there, the Cíes campsite offers you a wide range of services and different possibilities to spend your camping nights and the Cíes Islands put before you all the beauty of nature in its purest state and an endless number of activities, places, routes, and experiences.

Go on a Starlight night outing under a sea of stars, kayak along the coast, eat a delicious octopus overlooking Rhodes Beach, look for the most charming spots, watch bird flights, climb up to the lighthouses… and all without worrying about the time of return.

If you want to make your next trip an unforgettable memory, do not hesitate and come and enjoy the magic of watching the sunset over the ocean and sleep in the Cíes Islands. We are waiting for you!

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