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Camping Isla de Ons, Easter Week ’22

Camping Isla de Ons is a great option to treat yourself to a well-deserved rest at Easter.

If you are an adventurer in love with nature, pay attention because we have just announced the opening of our campsite, the first self-sustainable campsite in Galicia. So, so that you don’t have any loose ends in the planning of your vacations, today we tell you everything you need to know if you are going to go to Camping Ons at Easter.

Is it necessary to have authorization to go to Ons Island at Easter?

The answer is, yes. Both in high season (from May 15 to September 15) and at Easter, you must be authorized to visit this beautiful island. And be careful because there are two types.

The daily visitor’s permit is required for those people who are going to go and return by boat to Ons Island on the same day. In a section of the Xunta’s website is where you will be able to
request the daily visitor’s authorization
. To get it, you only have to fill in a series of data: date, number of people visiting the island and information about them. Upon completion, a pre-booking code will be generated (a provisional code valid only for two hours) that you must enter on our website when purchasing the boat tickets.

On the other hand, we have the authorization of overnight stay, which will be the one you must have in the case of sleeping in the
Camping de Ons
. Therefore, if you are going to stay in the islands, you must make the reservation in the establishments, in this case in the website of the
Camping de Ons
or by calling directly to 986 43 35 30. Once you have made your reservation, they will take care of your authorization.

Camping Ons
The camping of the island of Ons with its glamping area, in the nature, comfortably

What is Camping isla de Ons like?

Camping de Ons is the
first self-sustainable campsite in Galicia
. There you will have different options to choose how you prefer to stay. The camping area is delimited in large plots to place the tents.

In these areas, you can either bring your tent and place it in an area randomly assigned by the reservation system, rent one of our standard tents or sleep in our Glamping.

On our website you can check the rates and rental of tents in order to choose one of the three options. This Easter choose Camping de Ons!


How much luggage can be carried on the ship? Can I recharge my phone?

If you choose to travel to Ons, you choose our
Piratas de Nabia shipping company
Piratas Nabia allows you to carry up to 20kg of luggage on board in addition to the tent. So you don’t have to worry about space, you can carry all the essentials.

And yes. In each plot of the
Camping Isla de Ons
There is a power socket to charge cell phones, tablets or computers. However, responsible and moderate use is recommended because this supply is limited.

In addition, our campsite has wifi in the cafeteria area, so on this island you can posture and upload your most paradisiacal photos instantly. You won’t lose the connection!

And if you go to Camping Ons with children…

Camping with the family is a great experience for the youngest members of the family. Creativity is encouraged by changing their usual environment and they increase their environmental awareness by being in contact with nature.

In addition, in our facilities there is a playground for the little ones to have fun playing in while they meet other children. So, going camping as a family is a good option, both for the little ones and to strengthen family bonds by creating experiences with your children.


If we have convinced you, run and make your reservation at 986 433 530 or contact us at In addition, you can book your boat ticket on our website. This Easter we inaugurate our Camping 2022. We are waiting for you!

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