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Boat to Cíes Islands or Ons? What you need to know to decide for one of the 2

If you have already been convinced to visit the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, the next step is to decide whether to take a boat to the Cíes Islands or to Ons. This is the way every tourist goes before buying a ticket, so it is not surprising.

Although there are more islands , it is clear that these two are the most touristic and surprising to our eyes, and yes, we have all asked ourselves this question: Are the Cíes Islands or the Ons Islands better? We tend to compare them to decide on one to take the boat, but… wrong! Each has its own charm.

If there is something you must take into account is for example the issue of the authorization, the overnight stay, the duration of the journey, where the boatleaves from… And we are going to tell you about that here so without further ado… Let’s get started!

From which ports do ships depart to the Atlantic Islands?

Boats to Cíes depart from Vigo, Cangas, Baiona and the duration is approximately 40 minutes. However, if you choose a boat to Ons the trip from Vigo is about an hour and a quarter and from Bueu and Portonovo between half an hour and 45 minutes.

Boats to Cíes and Ons leave at 09:30 and return at 20:00 hours, more or less. The price of the trip to Cíes is 20 € in July and August, and 18,50 € the rest of the season, to Ons is always 15 €. For children there is a special price, in fact, children under 3 years old can travel free of charge.

Where can I eat and sleep if I go to Cíes or Ons?

Whether you go to Cíes or Ons, you will have places to eat, dine, sleep… However, if you are going to take a boat to the islands out of season, it is best to check first if there are any establishments open,

That’s all,

If you are going in high season there is no problem. On the island of Ons you can visit the restaurant Casa Acuña, awarded for having the best pulpeira of Galicia, and the Bar O Pirata. In the Cíes there is the restaurant of the Camping Islas Cíes, the Rodas Restaurant, the Serafín Bar and the Begoña snack bar. So it is clear that, for eating, there is no problem, remember that we are still in Galicia.

And yes, whether the boat takes you to Cíes or Ons you have no problem, you can spend the night at Camping Illas Cíes or, in Ons, at Casa Acuña and also in the Camping.

Do I need authorization to go?

With this one you must be attentive because if you go by boat to Cíes and Ons you must get authorization at Easter and high season (from May 15 to September 15).

The authorization can be for a daily visitor, meaning that you go and return by boat on the same day, or it can be for an overnight stay, since it is a different authorization if you are going to return by boat the following day.

In this post we explain everything you have to do to get your boat ticket to Ons Island and you can get more information about the authorization, since both islands are the same.

In short, the process to get the boat with Pirates of Nabia is almost the same for Cíes and Ons but it is the only thing they are alike apart from the fact that both islands are in Galicia, they are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, they resemble paradise, their waters are crystal clear and above all they are worth a visit. So whichever boat you choose, I don’t think you will be disappointed with any option.

You can ask us any questions regarding the boat, authorization or meals at 986 320 048 and visit our website to make your reservation. We will be pleased to welcome you at any destination.

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