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A CIES from Moaña, 3 advantages

To CIES from Moaña, depending on the duration of your excursion you can save up to 20€.

To CIES, from Moaña, yes it is also possible, with the Pirates of Nabia. At this time of year the
Cíes Islands
is one of the favorite destinations. Galician travelers and tourists from all over the Peninsula come to the islands. We are also visited by travelers and pilgrims from different countries around us.

The Cíes Islands belong to the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands. They are a paradisiacal enclave at the entrance of the Vigo estuary. They include the beach of Rhodes, considered the most beautiful beach in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian.

Usually travelers visiting the Cíes Islands do so departing from the Port of Vigo. However, coming from outside the city and parking the car all day in one of the parking lots near the port can cost around 20 €.

Boat to CIES: a cheaper alternative may be to book the excursion from the Port of Moaña. In that town you can park all day without cost and where there is no problem to find a parking space.

To CIES from Moaña
A Pedra da Campá in Cíes Islands

1- Regular Line Moaña-Vigo-Moaña

From Monday to Saturday, our company assures the trips between one shore and the other of the estuary, Moaña-Vigo-Moaña. For just over one euro, with the metropolitan card of the Xunta de Galicia (or just over 2 € without it) you can enjoy a pleasant nautical ride.

Sixteen frequencies from Monday to Friday and fourteen on Saturdays ensure transportation between the two cities in a little more or less than 15 minutes. The boat departs from Moaña at the hour on the dot and at one and a half hours from Vigo.

The boat that connects the fishing village of Moaña with the great city of Galicia is one of the protagonists of the novel “O último barco” (The last boat) by the beloved writer Domingo Villar. He based much of the plot of this novel that captivated us from its first page. To embark on the line is also to live a part of the history of Galician literature.

Although animals and bicycles cannot be brought to CIES, the regular liner is pet friendly and, if the word exists, bike friendly. Both can board without paying a fare. It is a good excuse to go on a different kind of excursion, either with your doggy family member or with your inseparable companion for mountain or road trips.


2- A CIES, stopover in Vigo

Once there, Piratas de Nabia will take the traveler to the Cíes Islands with a previous stopover in the port of Vigo. The journey between Moaña and Vigo, as well as the return trip between Vigo and Moaña is free of charge for hikers who travel to the Cíes.

In addition, travelers can take advantage of the stopover in Vigo both on the outbound and return to visit the city, shop, or take a well-deserved refreshment. We suggest a visit to the NaBeira Vigo café, in the maritime station.

Thus, people coming from the north of Galicia will find in the port of Moaña a good solution to leave the car on their visit to the Cíes Islands. And no parking difficulties.


3- Other routes

In the same way, travelers who take one of the fantastic routes offered by Naviera Nabia can take advantage of this solution, such as the
Mussel Route
Route, the
Octopus Route
Route, the
Seafood Route
or the
Starlight Route

We remind you that in order to visit the Cíes Islands it is necessary to request the visit authorization through the
website of the Xunta de Galicia
or make a reservation on this website.

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