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7ª Race Volta á Illa de Ons, Clube Corredoiras

Piratas de Nabia will take participants, entertainers and family members of the VII Carrera Volta á Illa de Ons to Ons

The race VII Volta á Illa de Ons organized by the Club Corredoiras de Bueu will take place next Sunday, April 30 in Ons. Athletes and walkers will once again enjoy a magnificent Sunday day competing and enjoying the scenery of the island of Ons. The event consisted of a 10-kilometer walk and the main event, the 20-kilometer Trail Volta á Illa de Ons.

The demanding course of the island, with steep climbs and descents in parts of the route, require a significant effort from all runners. The runners reach the highest part of the island, where the Isla de Ons campsite is located, overcoming significant slopes.

The spectacular Isa de Ons becomes a wonderful setting for sport and to enjoy the andaina. As always, the organization of the event will be impeccable. is in charge of the Clube Corredoiras de Bueu. The weather forecast for Sunday, the day of the race, is sunny.

Ons Island
Álvaro Prieto, a standout at the start of the race

Menu and stays at special rates at Casa Acuña and Camping Isla de Ons

At the end of the race the participants in both races and their companions will be able to enjoy a special menu in the best restaurant on the island of Ons, Casa Acuña. A menu will be offered with first courses of Empanada or Mixed Salad, second courses of Churrasco or Fideuá, coffee and drink included. For their part, the little ones will be able to enjoy a children’s menu of roast chicken with potatoes for 9€.

Pirates of Nabia ships will make numerous trips to the island of Ons trips to the island of Ons to bring the participants to and from the race.

Menu Casa Acuña Illa de Ons
Special menu at Casa Acuña, Illa de Ons, Volta á Illa de Ons 2023

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