The Islas Cíes are an archipelago located at the entrance of the Ría de Vigo of which are barrier. They have a surface of 2.658 maritime hectares and 433terrestrial, and are geographically located at 42 ° 15' North latitude and 8 ° 54' West longitude. They are located in the Rías Baixas  and belong to the municipality of Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain). This archipelago consists of three islands, measuring between 1.5 and 3 km long: the Isla del Faro (106,6 ha) and the Isla de Monteagudo (179,5 has) are joined, and the Isla de San Martiño (145.5 has) is the most oriented to south‐; In addition to islets like the Penela dos Viños, Ruzo, Grabelos and Agoeiro.

By Eats face of this Islands are located the beautiful beaches of Figueiras or Rodas, on the isthmus of sand that joins both islands. Meanwhile, face West are the stunning cliffs that have up high of the Cíes, North of the archipelago, the highest point (197 m).

Belonging to the maritime‐terrestrial National Park das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia, declared in 2002, Islas Cíes Islas Cies already had been declared Natural Park in 1980. But without a doubt, despite the importance achieved in Galicia, greater recognition has come in XXI century: in February of 2007 the British newspaper The Guardian The Guardian was seduced by the crystal clear and calm waters, fine, golden sand, and the suggestive crescent shape of beach of Rodas to choose it as the "best beach in the world".

They were a refuge for pirates in the past, but they are currently uninhabited. Only open to the public in the summer, and can only access to the Islas Cíes by boat. So this natural paradise is preserved. From the lighthouse you can live an incredible experience: the crying of the largest colony of gulls of Europe with cliffs at the foot. The rich fauna and vegetable of this archipelago (there are more than 200 types of seaweed), and the spectacular cliffs and dune landscapes, constitute a heritage of great value, although for conservation we must take part in all.

You can visit the Islas Cíes in two ways: with private boat, it is necessary to apply for a permit of anchorage, or with a shipping company in summer, weekends of May and Easter. Piratas de Nabia has services from the port of Vigo and Cangas.

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