Restaurants Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes has three restaurants:

The restaurant of the Camping Islas Cíes [Phone. 986 687 504] has a spacious dining room, glazed and terraces overlooking the Lago de Cíes and the beach of Rodas.
It is open from 9:30 to 24:00. Self service. You can also make reservations for groups via email .

The Restaurant Rodas [Phone. 636 65 95 22] is located next to the quay in a former salting factory. It has a large covered terrace with beautiful views to Lago de Cíes and the beach of Rodas. It is a self‐service that works in hours from 13:30 to 15:30, and their menu is adapted to families with children.

Finally, there is the Bar Serafín is located on the opposite end of the dock, after passing the camping. It also has a terrace with views and access to the beach in Rodas through a wooden platform. Service provides meals from 13:30 to 16 hours, and is specialized in food rations (enough variety of fish).

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Tel. 986 320 048

Taquilla de Vigo
Estación Marítima de Vigo
c/ Cánovas del Castillo, s/n
36201 Vigo
Tel. 986 320 048

de 8:30h a 22:00h


Taquilla de Cangas
Taquilla 3 (situada detrás de la cafetería de la estación marítima)
Tel. 676 079 387

de 8:15h a 22:00h


Taquilla de Bueu
Muelle pesquero
Avda. Montero Ríos, s/n
36930 Bueu
Tel. 676 079 401

de 8:30h a 21:00h


Taquilla de Baiona
Estación Marítima
Tel. 638 680 768

de 9:00h a 22:00h


Taquilla de Portonovo
Muelle de pasaje
Puerto de Portonovo
Tel. 638 582 816

de 9:00h a 22:00h

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