Standards of performance in the Islas Cies

For the endurance of the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the stunning National Park of the Atlantic islands of Galicia in general, and of Islas Cies in particular, we must remember that it is not permitted:

  • Light on fire, fire or similar (the use of camping gas stoves is expressly prohibited in the camping).
  • Deposit or throw any waste or residue (solid or liquid) outside the conditioned places.
  • Camping outside the bounded and conditioned places.
  • Access areas marked as "not available" to the public.
  • Disturb, injure, capture or kill the animals.
  • Pull out, cut or damage the vegetation (remember that there are endemic species and of great importance).
  • Any activity that destroy, damage or upset the unique natural elements.
  • Destroy or alter elements of archaeological, historical or geological interest, both terrestrial and marine.
  • Diving without prior authorization.
  • Practice fishing sports and underwater fishing.
  • Stay or transit with weapons, harpoons, underwater rifles or other similar tools.
  • Tie and moor boats, and sailing, unless expressly authorized.
  • Install banners or advertisements without permission.
  • Use PA systems, noise or loudspeakers that disturb the tranquility of the Park.
  • Bringing pets (except guide dogs).
  • Introduce foreign plants and/or animal species.
  • Unload (unless handicapped wheelchairs) motor vehicles.
  • Filming or photographing for commercial purposes, without written authorization. 

In addition, we must pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Use roads and runways, and avoid walking out of them by the interior of the Park.
  • Do not throw lit cigarettes (the precautions are needed to minimise the risk of fire).
  • Pick your own waste and use rubbish bins.
  • Circulate with vehicles only by authorized tracks.
  • Respect the crops and fences.
  • Use exclusively the recreational areas for meals. 

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Boats Islas Cíes


Tel. 986 320 048

Taquilla de Vigo
Estación Marítima de Vigo
c/ Cánovas del Castillo, s/n
36201 Vigo
Tel. 986 320 048

de 9:00h a 21:30h


Taquilla de Cangas
Taquilla 3 (situada detrás de la cafetería de la estación marítima)
Tel. 676 079 387


Taquilla de Bueu
Consultar horario de taquilla en el 986 32 00 48
Muelle pesquero
Avda. Montero Ríos, s/n
36930 Bueu
Tel. 676 079 401


Taquilla de Baiona
Estación Marítima
Tel. 638 680 768


Taquilla de Portonovo
Consultar horario de taquilla en el 986 32 00 48
Muelle de pasaje
Puerto de Portonovo
Tel. 638 582 816

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