Camping Isla de Ons

The camping area of Isla de Ons is in the area of Chan da Pólvora, in the high part of the village of O Curro. It is open during Easter and from June 1 until September 30 but has a maximum daily capacity (200 people) and a limited stay (5 days in the months of July and August and 7 days the rest of the season).

It is regulated by a Royal decree allowing camping, and to apply for the permit you must accept the conditions.

Camping Isla de Ons

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Boats Ons


Tel. 986 320 048

Taquilla de Vigo
Estación Marítima de Vigo
c/ Cánovas del Castillo, s/n
36201 Vigo
Tel. 986 320 048

Horario de invierno:
de 9:00h a 20:00h

Horario de verano:
de 8:30h a 22:00h


Taquilla de Cangas
Consultar horarios en 986 320 048
Taquilla 3 (situada detrás de la cafetería de la estación marítima)
Tel. 676 079 387


Taquilla de Bueu
Consultar horarios en 986 320 048
Muelle pesquero
Avda. Montero Ríos, s/n
36930 Bueu
Tel. 676 079 401


Taquilla de Baiona
Consultar horarios en 986 320 048
Estación Marítima
Tel. 638 680 768


Taquilla de Portonovo
Consultar horarios en 986 320 048
Muelle de pasaje
Puerto de Portonovo
Tel. 638 582 816

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