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Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes

Discover the best beach in the world, the beach of Rodas. A natural paradise.

Isla de Ons

Isla de Ons

Boats, accommodation, camping, meals, guided tours, activities and much more...



Schools, companies, weddings, christenings, communions, parties on board, etc.

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Buy your tickets for boats to Islas Cíes, Isla de Ons and Islas Atlanticas of Galicia. Buy tickets

Schedules and fares

Please see the rates and departure times of boats to the Islas Cies, Isla de Ons and Moaña‐Vigo line. See schedules and fares

Rooms and apartments

We have rooms and apartments in the island of Ons. You can make your reservation from here. Rooms and apartments

Points of sale

Naviera Nabia has lockers in Cangas, Vigo and Bueu.
See point of sale

Why Nabia?

Piratas de Nabia is form by people.
People who enjoy their work and who are concerned that every trip or event you decide to organize will become unique.

For this reason we offer you all our resources: boats, catering, organization of events, accommodation, a beach of fine sand or even an unforgettable sunset. What would you like?

Grupo Acuña

Nabia Naviera

Estación Marítima de Vigo
c/ Cánovas del Castillo s/n
36202 Vigo - Pontevedra

Tel. (+34) 986 320 048


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